Dribblium è una scuola calcio virtuale di ultima generazione: ecco come funziona thumbnail

Dribblium is a latest generation virtual football school: here's how it works

In the digital age, football meets technology with Dribblium, a virtual football school which promises to revolutionize training and the discovery of future talents.

This platform was born from the nostalgia for sociality, now disappeared in the contemporary era, of meet up to share the passion for a balloonAnd. Dribblium therefore aims to bring back the lost art of football, combining creativity and technique in an era dominated by tactics and physical preparation.

How Dribblium football works

The idea of ​​Dribblium emerges from the vision of an Italian entrepreneur who transformed an intuition into a concrete project: Dribblium Home Soccer Training. This exergame, a video game that encourages physical activity, challenges the stereotype of video games as a sedentary pastime.

“The idea of ​​Dribblium starts from a concrete need, that of giving my children more time to dedicate to their passion, football. Those of us who live in a big city know well that it is now unthinkable to go down and play in the street as we did thirty years ago. We parents have little time, we have hectic schedules and we are unable to accompany them to the park during the working day. A 6-12 year old child cannot go out to play unless accompanied, especially in a large metropolis like Milan. The solution therefore had to be sought by changing the paradigm and being inspired by the technological opportunities of our time. I therefore started by thinking only about elements that everyone can afford, such as a football and a screen, be it a TV or mobile phone, in short, objects of our everyday life. The driving idea was to exploit the dynamics adored by our children such as those of video games and social networks to teach them a sport”

Fabrizio Rametto, founder and CEO of Dribblium

Dribblium press release 3Dribblium press release 3

Using a dedicated web-app, players access a professionally led training program through video exercises to be performed on a “training map”, a mat that simulates a personal football field.

With over 100 exercises available, Dribblium offers a training course structured into five levels, designed to improve the user experience and encourage the creation of a social community. By completing workouts, players scale virtual leaderboardsunlock achievements and improve your real-life football skills, increasing your chances of being noticed by higher-level teams.

Dribblium press releaseDribblium press release

But Dribblium goes beyond training. The platform allows players to challenge yourself in video challenges and create a sports video CV. This digital profile, visible through the social network integrated into the platform, offers visibility within the Dribblium community and to talent scouts in the sector, opening new doors in the world of football.

In short, latest generation gamification applied to the world of football. When creating Dribblium I had a clear goal, that of convert time spent in front of the screen into an opportunity to learning a real sport, without replacing 'classic' training, but integrating and completing it. Especially on some of the gaps that we commonly find in modern football. For every training video the player touches the ball approximately 700 times, compared to the estimated 150 of a traditional workout. In this way, new brain circuits are created which make him increasingly skilled at ball control and allowing his imagination to express itself without technical limits.”

Fabrizio Rametto

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