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DuoDock MX Dual NVMe Dock: news from Akasa

Today the Akasa company presented its latest creation. In fact, it is ready to launch the brand new DuoDock MX Dual NVMe Dock

I dock per drive can be extremely useful, especially those with support for two drives. This is because they generally allow you to duplicate data quickly and easily. However, with the move to units M.2and dock basati are SATA(here for more information) are slowly becoming less useful. Akasa has launched a solution to this problem with his new one DuoDock MXwhich accepts a pair of units M.2 NVMe.

The dock itself looks like a miniature drive dock with the addition of a cup-shaped lid that helps protect the drives from touching during use. The front houses a series of LED and a drive clone buttonwhile on the back there is a power switch, a power connector and a USB Type-C port.

DuoDock MX Dual NVMe Dock: news from Akasa

Negative aspect of the new DuoDock MX Dual NVMe Dock

The only real negative is that Akasa chose a chip bridge da 10 Gbps PCIe a USB 3.2, which means that the data connection to a PC would be quite slow by today’s standards. Presumably the reason is to prevent the need to use some kind of heat sink on M.2 drives. This is because most of the solutions from NVMe in USB 3.2 and 20 Gbps they tend to require heat sinks. That said, Akasa has equipped the DuoDock MX with what the company calls a ultra-thin fan, although an image on the company’s website suggests it is a small fan. From a price point of view, this is not what you would call a 98.00 euro deal.

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