Dyson lancia Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde

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Dyson presents its secret weapon to purify, humidify, freshen the air and destroy formaldehyde: Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde. The new system uses UV-C hygienic humidification technology to also eliminate bacteria.

Aria pura con Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde

The new Dyson system combines a proprietary sensor for formaldehydeand solid state and the HEPA H13 filtration sealed, along with hygienic humidification functionality. In this way it automatically eliminates formaldehyde and with the UV-C technology removes 99.9% dbacteria in the water.

Formaldehyde is one molecule 500 times smaller than 0.1 microns, difficult to detect. It therefore tends to escape other purification systems and can lead to prolonged exposure. The phenomenon of “degreasing” exposes continuously to formaldehyde, particularly in well-sealed homes.

As he explains Alex Knox, Dyson’s Vice President of Environmental Care, formaldehyde tries to accumulate. But Dyson has a way to eliminate it. “Formaldehyde’s tendency to degassing means that it can accumulate and go unnoticed in our homes for years. Humidifiers without sufficient water treatment can spread droplets of polluted water into the air. Dyson has designed a device that solves both problems: it accurately detects and continuously destroys formaldehyde and hygienically humidifies the air, making it cleaner. ”

The Dyson ad Selective Catalytic Oxidation (SCO) continuously destroys formaldehyde at the molecular level. With billions of atomic-sized tunnels, it traps formaldehyde and breaks it down into water and CO2. And it regenerates with oxygen in the air, continuing its purifying work.

Along with all of Dyson’s other technologies to purify the air and the system Air Multiplier to reach every corner of the house, you can keep even an 81 square meter room pure and healthy. All in comfort, even using the app Dyson Link or voice control.

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