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Dyson shows prototypes of robots for household chores

On the occasion of the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Dyson has opened the doors of its laboratories. And it showed some robot prototypes that Dyson engineers they are planning to do household chores. The Chief Engineer Jake Dyson showed us how robotic hands will be able to tidy up the house and set the table in the future. And much more.

Dyson and robot prototypes designed for household chores

In this video we see Jake Dyson taking us to the Hullavington Airfield nel Wiltshire, where the company is working on some robots that can change the future of household chores. In fact, Dyson is working on an autonomous device capable of performing various actions at home, with precision and independently.

To carry out this ambitious project, the company has hired over two thousand people, half of whom are engineers, scientists and programmers. Has recruited as many as 250 robotic engineers in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, sensors and mechatronics. And in the next five years he will hire another 700.

So far, Dyson robots have remained in the vacuum cleaner business, which the company knows really well. With the primo robot DC06 designed twenty years ago. But it seems that more and more the company wants to look to the future of robotics at home.

Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer of Dyson, said: “Dyson hired its first robotics engineer 20 years ago and – in 2022 alone – we are looking for 250 experts for our team. This is a ‘big bet’ on the robotic technology of the future that will drive research across the company, in areas such as mechanical engineering, vision systems, machine learning and energy storage. We need the the best talents in the world join us “.

Find more information on the official Dyson website.

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