E3 will never happen again, comes the official announcement

E3 non si farà mai più, arriva l'annuncio ufficiale thumbnail

L‘Electronic Entertainment Expobetter known as E3symbol of the videogame universe for over twenty years, has closed its doors permanently. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) confirmed the news of the definitive closure of E3, due to several factors.

E3, definitive closure: the official announcement arrives

The official announcement in the Washington Post (via SpazioGames.it) seems like the chronicle of a death foretold. E3’s decline began in 2020, with the complete cancellation of the event due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In the 2021 E3 is back in digital form, but the usual anticipation is no longer there.

Il 2022 marked another year of total cancellation of E3, while in 2023 there was hope for a triumphant return which, unfortunately, did not materialize. The big software houses did not bring their announcements to the fair, a sign that the time of E3 was now over.

Stanley Pierre-Louis, president and CEO of ESA, confirmed the closure of E3 with these words: “We know it is difficult to say goodbye to such a beloved event, but it is the right thing to do given the new opportunities our industry has to reach fans and partners”.

The last “stab” for E3 seems to have been there Summer Game Fest, a container of events that still attracted attention despite ups and downs. And it effectively replaced E3.

For months it had been whispered that the fate of E3 was uncertain: reports stated that the editions of 2024 he was born in 2025 had already been canceled in advance, definitively marking the end of an era for the video game industry. But now it’s official: the closure is definitive.

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