EA for sale: the company in talks with Disney, Apple and Amazon

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Electronic Arts (EA) would be actively looking for a buyer or company interested in a merger: the historic video game house is for saleto. And it appears that the executives at EA have spoken to counterparts in Disney, Apple e Amazon.

EA for sale, could switch to one of Disney, Apple and Amazon

The rumor leaked online on Puck’s web pages, only to receive confirmation from various industry experts. EA wants to sell or merge with another company and are talking to some of the biggest companies in the world, which they have proven interest in investing in the gaming world in the last period.

Apparently, the company is looking for an agreement that allows for Andrew Wilson to remain CEO of the video game company, thus ensuring continuity at the top of the company.

An insistent request

In Puck’s report we read that Electronic Arts has been trying to sell itself to the highest bidder since March. In fact he would have contacted Disney to search for one “Most significant relationship” che could go beyond making video games from the Mickey Mouse franchises. However, Disney would have declined this possibility, because they are too busy working on their streaming services. Though connect games and series / movies it would be an interesting idea, with the possibility of using varEA’s sports franchises (NBA, Madden and the one once known as FIFA) with ESPNsports television house in America.

Among the potential partners, however, the one that seems to be closest to us would seem Comcast, the telecommunications company that owns the NBC broadcaster. Indeed the CEO of Comcast Brian Roberts he would contact Wilson about a merger between NBC Universal and EA. An agreement that would have seen Comcast in a majority, but with Wilson as CEO nonetheless. But it seems that no agreement has been reached on the price.

However, according to the report, EA has also contacted other tech industry titans such as Apple e Amazon, which are increasingly showing interest in investing in the world of gaming. But there appears to be no deal in sight at the moment, with the parties still considering their options.

Battlefield 2042 EA

The sale of EA could upset the gaming industry. Again

For the time being EA remains an independent company. But the insistence with which Wilson is seeking a deal suggests that yesit’s a matter of time before it can find the right buyer or the right company for a merger.

Such an agreement could be sensational. Like the announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard from Microsoft for $ 68.7 billion or the acquisition of Bungie from Sony. It seems that the tendency to consolidate large video game companies with important acquisitions has now been cleared.

The spokesperson John Reseburg EA explained to Puck that he will not comment on “rumors and speculation regarding purchases and mergers”. He also stressed that “We are proud to operate from a position of strength and growth, with a portfolio of fantastic games, built around powerful IPs, made by incredibly talented teams and a network of over half a billion players. We see a bright future ahead of us ”.

But it seems that in this future, they will not be alone. We will keep you updated on this story.

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