EA: Here’s how Electronic Arts 2021 went

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A look at EA’s numbers for 2021, across its popular franchises like FIFA, Apex Legends, and The Sims. Here’s what the year of Electronic Arts was like.

EA: FIFA and Apex Legends the most popular games of 2021

Less than a week to go to the start of 2022, and for many it’s time to take stock. Among these also SHE, Electronic Arts, which takes the opportunity to take stock of this 2021, through its hugely popular titles. From the sports division to action games, passing through the inevitable The Sims: Electronic Arts every year produces titles capable of thrilling and entertaining the videogame people.

Among the millions of new users who joined the EA community this year, most of them come from Europe (30%), followed by the United States (25%), Asia (22.5%) as well as South and Latin America (15.7%). A total of more than 500 million active players around the world. But what did users play the most? The most loved titles of 2021 were certainly Apex Legends and EA SPORTS FIFA.

Speaking of FIFA: In 2021, more than 26,000 soccer goals were scored in the real world, and 50,000 saves on the pitch. In the same period, in FIFA 21, players have scored over 22 billion goals and made more than 30 billion saves. But there is not only football: on the contrary. Electronic Arts is also popular for the NHL (ice hockey) and UFC franchises. In this regard, here are two interesting statistics:

  • Erik Karlsson of the San Jose Sharks, who is currently not in the top 50 points scored in the NHL, was the most owned player card in NHL 21
  • The one between Joanna Jędrzejczyk vs. Valentina Shevchenko, two female wrestlers, was the third most popular matchup in UFC 4

Staying in the UFC 4 world: the players gave birth to almost 7 million custom fightersi to fight in this year’s matches. Also, in The Sims 4, users have immersed themselves in the game with over un billion hours played, creating 376 million Sims. And then again Apex Legends, whose players have placed more than 322 billion ping, have taken more than 24 billion ziplines and used 12 billion jump pads.

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