EA Play Live 2021: Summary of all announcements

The latest EA event has just ended. As always in these cases, let’s review all the announcements of this EA Play Live 2021

We have been waiting for it for a long time and also this year the usual EA appointment has arrived to discover what will be the news of the future. The popular production house had already got its hands on by reiterating that several highly anticipated titles by players would not appear in the event. Consequently, the absence of the new Star Wars game, as well as the reboot of the Skate series, did not upset expectations too much. But no more chatter and let’s recap together all ads made during this EA Play Live 2021.

Off with the Pre Show

Before going to see all the announcements of this EA Play Live 2021 let’s see what we talked about during the Pre Show. During this short space, a recap of the EA releases of this last year was made, including Mass Effect Legendary Edition, It Takes Two and Knockout City. In addition, several titles have been anticipated and some announced update. The juiciest news is about the announcement, with one very stylish trailer in 2D animation, of the new Apex legend and the FUT 22 Heroes Pack for FIFA 22. But let’s briefly recap what was shown:

  • The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack: The Sims 4 update is available today.
  • FIFA 22: The new technology has been announced with a live action mixed engine trailer Hypermotion. Also announced the FUT 22 Heroes Pack featuring several football legends.
  • Apex Legends: anticipated the new Seer legend of the future Emergence update.
  • F1 2021: show some cinematic sequences with a short trailer.

EA Play Live 2021: Summary of all announcements

Juicy news at the Main Event – EA Play Live: all the announcements

One of the bombs of this event was certainly the announcement of the cooperation between EA and Codemasters. After a trailer showing all previous Codemasters games, it was announced Grid Legends, new title in the Grid automotive series. The news for this chapter are different. From the introduction of new vehicles and cities, to the arrival of more diverse mode. One of the most innovative aspects of the title seems to be the new mode history. For the latter, shot in live action, well-known actors were chosen and employed technologies state-of-the-art, equal to those used in the series The Mandalorian. But let’s see what the other presentations were:

  • Grid Legends: new chapter of the Grid series. this new title will have a greater focus on modality history, similar to what happens in F1 2021. Out in 2022.
  • Apex Legends: new expansion announced Emergence. Here the new legend called will be introduced Seer. Seer will have a “stealth oriented” gameplay and will have the ability to reveal the position of enemies within a certain radius. In addition, new maps have been announced that will arrive in the future. Emergence will be out next August 3. further gameplay will be shown on July 26th.

EA Play Live 2021: Summary of all announcements

Lost in Chaos and Chance – EA Play Live: All Announcements

Let’s continue with the interesting and curious Lost in Random. A title so particular that it was included among the works present at the Tribeca Film Festival. Despite a somewhat confusing presentation of its gameplay, the game seems to stand out for its style that mixes Burtonian influences with elements from Alice in Wonderland. The gameplay is that of a third person action RPG with environmental puzzles. The mechanics that stand out the most seem to be those relating to playing cards and the throwing the dice during the clashes. In fact, by throwing the dice, new ones are acquired ability based on the result obtained, thus making the fight more varied:

  • Lost in Random: new EA Original developed by Zoink Games. Outgoing on September 10, 2021.
  • Knockout City: announcement of the second season “Fight at The Movies”. Next coming July 27.

EA Play Live 2021: Summary of all announcements

Battlefields & Welcome Returns – EA Play Live: All Announcements

Here we are at the highlight of our appointment. If you have not been satisfied with the games so far introduce yourself, you will surely change your mind. DICE in collaboration with Ripple Effect update us on Announcements present in the future and expected Battlefield 2042. Shown here for the first time Battlefield Portal. Portal seems to change radically the conception of classic Battlefield games. This new mode shuffles elements taken from previous Battlefields (vehicles, weapons, maps, skins, and even entire modes) to create new battles and complex, all for the benefit of players and the community. But the surprise final, already in the air for some time, was the announcement of the remake of Dead Space.

  • Battlefield 2042: Battlefield Portal announced. This new mode will be included at launch in the game.
  • Dead Space remake: surprisingly, EA gives us this splendid announcement. We don’t know when it will be released, however we do know that it will only be available on next gen.

EA Play Live 2021: Summary of all announcements

A worthy conclusion

Here we are at the end of this recap of all the announcements made atEA Play Live 2021. As we could see, the real bomb for all gamers was the announcement of the remake of the first classic Dead Space. Surely, between the market and the context of all the remakes and reboots made so far, this is one of the most sensati. In short, the most important news is the collaboration with Codemasters, the introduction of Battlefield Portal, but also, why not, the new EA Original Lost in Random. Let us know what about it think of these announcements and follow our next recap articles.

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