EA pubblica titoli classici per PC su Steam: Populous, Dungeon Keeper, The Saboteur e molti altri thumbnail

EA publishes classic PC titles on Steam: Populous, Dungeon Keeper, The Saboteur and many others

EA has opened its archives and released a series of classic PC games on Steam for the first time ever. Among the urban planning of SimCity 3000 Unlimitedconstruction of dungeons in Dungeon Keeper 2strategy in Command & Conquer or targeted attacks in The Saboteurthe return of these beloved EA games on Steam satisfies all tastes.

EA, published PC video games on Steam: what they are

The full list of games, now available on Steam with most updated patches, include:

  • Command & Conquer – The Ultimate Collection
  • Sim City 3000 Unlimited
  • Populous
  • Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods
  • Populous: The Beginning
  • Dungeon Keeper Gold
  • Dungeon Keeper 2
  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack
  • The Saboteur.

EA su Steam: Command & Conquer – The Ultimate Collection

Collect resourcesbuild your base and create powerful ones armies before facing the enemy in all-out war. Take the side of the Global Defense Initiative or the Brotherhood of Nod in the fight for the rare mineral Tiberium in the original classic series.

Face the red menace in the alternate universe of Red Aleryou then visit the future with Generals, where China and the United States fight the Global Liberation Army, a terrorist organization determined to bring the world to its knees. Whatever your play style, you’ll have unlimited hours of RTS fun with Command & Conquer games, featuring 10 base games and 7 expansions.

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Sim City 3000 Unlimited

Create and control an urban empire with greater power than ever before. With SimCity 3000 Unlimited, you have all the incredible features of the original SimCity 3000 and much more. Expand your cities with 2 new building sets from Asia and Europe. Take on 13 challenging scenarios or create your own. Unleash 4 new disasters, including an unforgiving vortex and a shower of space debris.

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