EA Sports F1 24: diamo un primo sguardo al gameplay thumbnail

EA Sports F1 24: let's take a first look at the gameplay

Electronic Arts today revealed an in-depth overview of what's new in gameplay per EA Sports F1 24. This update represents the most significant advancement in game physics ever introduced by Codemasters, under the brand EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling.

The video, called deep dive, is only the first of a series of insights into the characteristics of the new chapter of Formula 1 video games.

The first deep dive into the gameplay of EA Sports F1 24

Thanks to the direct collaboration with the Formula 1 champion, Max Verstappen, the development team has implemented a series of innovations that radically transform the driving experience. These updates ensure a more immersive, intuitive and realistic experience, whether you use a steering wheel or a controller.

Among the most relevant innovations, we find the introduction of a advanced system for suspension kinematics. This ensures a more realistic weight distribution of the car and gives players the ability to further customize the vehicle's behavior. An aspect that allows you to refine your driving style based on personal preferences.

The new game also brings substantial improvements to the c modeltire behaviorincluding the implementation of a new temperature management system. These changes increase realism and reward drivers who carefully manage tire life. Another aspect worth noting is the refinement of aerodynamics.

Thanks to the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the game now offers a more precise representation of downforce. This allows more experienced drivers to optimize aerodynamic performance for each circuit. Additionally, new power unit configuration options give players greater control and adaptability, allowing them to emulate real-world racing strategies.

When is EA Sports F1 24 released?

The release of EA Sports F1 24which will be anticipated compared to previous editions, is set for May 31, 2024. The game will be available on PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC consoles (via EA App, Epic Games Store and Steam). Pre-orders of the various editions are already available on the game's official website.

Meanwhile, the next deep dive is expected on April 25, with a video dedicated to career mode. To while away the wait, we refer you to our article dedicated to all the features of EA Sports F1 24.

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