EA Sports FC 24: the best young players for career mode

Torino-Atalanta: dove vedere la partita?

It is no coincidence that the young people on EA Sports FC 24 start “with great career”: here are the best for the football simulator mode of the same name

Assuming that the young hopes vary according to the Champions League, we have gathered here the best bomber jackets to help players (those behind the controller, of course) to EA Sports FC 24 to progress in career mode. Yes, times change, and football is a world in which one does (relatively, eh) little apprenticeship and then retires before even having the first aches and pains. However, this means that no one is on top of the world forever, and it is when the shoes are hung up that the new generation takes over. Not even extraordinary players like Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland and Vinicius Junior count as “under 21”, so we help you discover new faces.

General preamble | The best young players for EA Sports FC 24’s career mode

Despite being the main blood vessel of calcium, young people aren’t necessarily the best footballers by default to progress in the career mode of EA Sports FC 24. You can very well build a team of mixed ages, because – hey – that’s the way it is in real football. But you have to act as a talent scout to build an unbeatable team, right? You might be surprised by wonderkid (this is how promising young people are called in English) that we have selected. It cannot be ruled out that the metagame will undergo alterations in the future, if so, then go back to the top of the article and check the publication date. Game and roster updates are beyond our control, so we invite you to take note of them in advance.

EA Sports FC 24: the best young players for career mode

Like the granny on the computer meme | The best young players for EA Sports FC 24’s career mode

Having made the necessary (and boring, we understand) ritual clarifications, we leave you with the blessed bulleted list that you have been waiting for so long. Or rather, we would, but we prefer to leave you another one first: the glossary of acronyms. While the irony about America being incompetent at soccer in favor of American football abounds, the reality is that the English lexicon has caught on (pun not intended) as much as futbol has in the UK. So here are the words to keep in mind as you read the next list.

  • OVR: overall, the overall value of the player which summarizes the various statistics.
  • POT: potential, the… well, potential.
  • GK: goalkeeper, the goalkeeper (POR in our country).
  • CB: center-back, the central defender (DC in our country).
  • LB/RB: left-back and right-back respectively, i.e. left-back and right-back (TS/TD in our country).
  • CDM: the median (CDC here).
  • CM: the midfielder (CC from us).
  • CAM: the midfielder, but the attacking one (COC from us.)
  • RM/LM: respectively, external right and external left (ED/ES in our country).
  • RW/LW: respectively, right wing and left wing (AD/AS in our country).
  • ST: the second striker (AT from us).
  • CF: the dear old center forward (ATT in our country).

EA Sports FC 24: the best young players for career mode

The shopping list | The best young players for EA Sports FC 24’s career mode

We are largely done bothering you: thelist why you opened the article is below. Again: it may age, and even badly, but it doesn’t depend on us. The first number you will see is the age, just in case. No, we don’t know if anyone blew out any candles in the meantime.

  • Jamal Musiala – 20 – Bayern Monaco – CAM/CM – 86 OVR/93 POT
  • Pedri – 20 – Barcelona – CM – 86 OVR/92 POT
  • Jude Bellingham – 20 – Real Madrid – CM/CAM – 87 OVR/91 POT
  • Bukayo Saka – 21 – Arsenal – RW – 86 OVR/90 POT
  • Florian Wirtz – 20 – Leverkusen – CAM/CM – 85 OVR/91 POT
  • Gavi – 18 – Barcelona – CM – 83 OVR/90 POT
  • Eduardo Camavinga – 20 – Real Madrid – CDM/CM – 82 OVR/89 POT
  • If Guardiol – 21 – Manchester City – CB/LB – 82 OVR/88 POT
  • Nuno Mendes – 21 – Paris Saint-Germain – LB – 82 OVR/87 POT
  • Bucket – 19 – Barcelona – LB – 81 OVR/89 POT
  • Arnau Martinez – 20 – Girona Futbol Club – RB – 80 OVR/86 POT
  • Karim Adeyemi – 21 – Dortmund – ST/LW – 80 OVR/87 POT
  • Moises Caicedo – 21 – Chelsea – CDM/CM – 80 OVR/85 POT
  • Xavi Simons – 20 – RasenBallsport Lipsia (Paris Saint-Germain) – CAM – 80 OVR/89 POT
  • Jeremy Pino – 20 – Villarreal Club de Fùtbol – LW/RW/ST – 79 OVR/87 POT
  • Ryan Gravenberch – 21 – Liverpool – CM/CDM/CAM – 79 OVR/87 POT
  • Florian Balogun – 21 – Monaco – ST – 79 OVR/86 POT
  • Goncalo Inacio – 21 – Sporting Clube de Portugal – CB – 79 OVR/86 POT
  • Piero Hincapie – 21 – Leverkusen – CB/LB – 79 OVR/86 POT
  • Nico Williams – 20 – Athletic Bilbao – RW/LW – 80 OVR/86 POT
  • Warren Zaire-Emery – 17 – Paris Saint-Germain – CM/CDM – 78 OVR/90 POT
  • Gabri Veiga – 21 – Al-Ahli Sports Club – CM/CAM – 78 OVR/89 POT
  • Elye Wahi – 20 – Racing Club de Lens – ST – 78 OVR/86 POT
  • Anthony Silva – 19 – Sport Lisboa e Benfica – CB – 78 OVR/88 POT
  • Michael Olise – 21 – Crystal Palace Football Club – RW – 78 OVR/84 POT
  • Lucas Chevalier – 21 – Lille Olympique Sporting Club – GK – 78 OVR/84 POT

EA Sports FC 24: the best young players for career mode

Porta portese | The best young players for EA Sports FC 24’s career mode

If you want we’ll stop with the list above, but in reality the players to report don’t stop here. As doormanfor example, there is Guillaume Remains (72 OVR/87 POT), designated for that role in any career mode but still very talented with a Reflex value of 74. Dennis Seimen (61 OVR/84 POT) e Maarten Vandevoordt (75 OVR/85 POT) are other great options in goal. To defend the fort you can similarly also place Bart Verbruggen (75 OVR/85 POT), Gavin Bazunu (71 OVR/83 POT) who saved a penalty from Cristiano Ronaldo (!!!) e James Trafford (71 OVR/84 POT).

EA Sports FC 24: the best young players for career mode

“Compact! We have to stay united!” | The best young players for EA Sports FC 24’s career mode

Maybe it’s best not to forget that they are there too other defenders, What do you think about it? We inform you in this sense Levi Colwill (76 OVR/85 POT), Quilindschy Hartman (75 OVR/84 POT), Anthony Silva (78 OVR/88 POT), Bright Arrey-Over (66 OVR/79 POT), Leonidas Stergiou (70 OVR/82 POT), Willian Pacho (74 OVR/84 POT). Aren’t they enough for you? You’re right, in defense it’s always better to play it safe. Then we propose to you Nnamdi Collins (63 OVR/82 POT), Bucket (81 OVR/89 POT), Arnau Martinez (80 OVR/86 POT), Destiny Udogie (77 OVR/86 POT), Ian Maatsen (74 OVR/83 POT) e Joe Scally (74 OVR/80 POT).

EA Sports FC 24: the best young players for career mode

Center and reverse field | The best young players for EA Sports FC 24’s career mode

What would football be without i midfielders? It would be… at a guess, perhaps, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, but in the real world this role is also needed. And this is why we would like to advise you Pablo Barrios (76 OVR/86 POT), Morten Frendrup (72 OVR/81 POT), Florian Wirtz (85 OVR/91 POT), Archie Gray (67 OVR/85 POT), Arthur Vermeeren (74 OVR/87 POT). If you want a pinch of Italian style, we have it Samuele Ricci (76 OVR/86 POT), Fabio Moretti (75 OVR/88 POT) e Nicolò Fagioli (77 OVR/87 POT). Let’s start again with Warren Zaire-Emery (77 OVR/88 POT), Martin Baturina (74 OVR/86 POT), Jobe Bellingham (63 OVR/82 POT) e Arda Guler (77 OVR/88 POT).

EA Sports FC 24: the best young players for career mode

On the attack!

Let’s close the circle on the best young people for the career mode with the attackers flagship for EA Sports FC 24. We’ll be quick. We have Roony Bardghji (70 OVR/85 POT), Carlos Forbs (72 OVR/86 POT), Maximilian Beier (72 OVR/82 POT), Gianluca Prestianni (69 OVR/85 POT), Elye Wahi (78 OVR/86 POT) Karim Adeyemi (80 OVR/87 POT), Brian Brobbey (76 OVR/83 POT), Cade Cowell (68 OVR/82 POT), Mathys Tel (72 OVR/88 POT), Youssoufa Moukoko (77 OVR/87 POT), Julian Hettwer (65 OVR/75 POT), Ricky-Jade Jones (63 OVR/75 POT), Benjamin Sesko (75 OVR/85 POT), Mohamed-Ali Cho (72 OVR/83 POT), Jamie Bynoe-Gittens (72 OVR/86 POT), Ernest Poku (66 OVR/82 POT) is finally Nestory Loves Me (62 OVR/83 POT). What a sweat! We don’t dare think about what it’s like for the players themselves…

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