Eagle Pictures: the new home videos of the month of November 2021

E agle Pictures: the new home videos of the month of November 2021, which include Spy-Story, collector’s boxes, cult anime and unmissable TV series

Thanks to Eagle Pictures, in the month of November 2021, in the home video there will be lots of news that we will kindly show you, revealing to you, release dates, cast formations, and plans of how the shots were divided.

The shadow of the spies

Eagle Pictures: the new home videos of the month of November 2021

We start from the film “the shadow of spies”, arriving on November 3, 2021, an engaging and fascinating Spy-story, inspired by the real story of Greville Wynne, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, first in the role of an English businessman, who during the period of Cold War he is recruited as a British spy by MI 6, an intelligence to obtain information. The recruitment of Greville Wynne, throughout history leads him to follow dangerous paths, risking his life several times, in order to save the world from a nuclear catastrophe. Shadow of Spies is a film directed by Dominic Cooke, which will be available, in DVD, Blu-ray e 4K.

The Minamata case

Eagle Pictures: the new home videos of the month of November 2021

The second film to be released is “The Minamata case” following the same release date as the aforementioned film. The November 3, 2021, from Andrew Levitas, announcing the return of the big star, Johnny Depp, finally back on the big screen. Here Depp will identify himself in the role of a photographer W. Eugene Smith. Set in the 1970s, Smith travels to Japan for a service entrusted to him by Ralph Graves Smith, editor of Life magazine. Smith, will have to document the scandal of a disease that has hit a community on the coast, from mercury poisoning, caused by the Chisso Corporation, while the police and the government silence everything. Even the case of Minamata can be found in DVD and Blu-ray.

Every breath you take- senza respiro

Eagle Pictures: the new home videos of the month of November 2021

Subsequently the November 17, 2021 it will be the turn of “Every breath you take- senza breath”. Tell the story of Philip Clark, played by Casey Affleck, a young psychiatrist who gradually sees the world collapse on him, both professional and personal. This happens because one of the protagonist’s patients commits suicide and he torments himself for not being able to save her. But Philip’s life gets worse when a certain James (Sam Claflin) brother of the victim goes to settle in his life. Because James blames the doctor of his sister’s death, thus starting to make Philip’s life hell, first by making friends with his daughter and then by courting his wife. Just to destroy the Clark family. The film is directed by Vaughn Stein, dealing with a profound psychological thriller that deals with the theme of trauma in an authentic and engaging way. Also available in DVD and Blu-ray.

Tokyo godfather

Also always the November 3, 2021, comes the necklace GREEN, targata Eagle Pictures with the brand new release of: Anime green Blu-ray. Which will be available in ecological and recyclable packaging, with inside too three collectible cards. Conceived, created and directed by Satoshi Could, is set in the Christmas period, just on Christmas Eve, where three tramps find a beautiful baby girl in the waste. Thus deciding to go in search of the child’s parents. All this will be the beginning of a wonderful adventure that will put them to the test, in the face of their past which will change their future forever.

Woody Allen Collection- the good the bad, the ugly

Eagle Pictures: the new home videos of the month of November 2021

Then always from November 17, 2021, with the necklace Green di Eagle Pictures, there will be “Woody Allen Collection“, a happy box set 8 DVD movies. And I’m: “Anything Else“, “Hollywood Ending“, “Just let it work“, “Match Point“, “Scoop“, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona“, “To Rome With Love” e “Midnight in Paris“.

On the same date we will have: the box set of Maestro Sergio Leone with the Time Trilogy, a limited edition, with the last three films inside, in Blu-ray, all attached with an exclusive 30 page book with the original script of “Once Upon a Time in America” ​​inside.

And again, by the director Master Sergio Leone for the necklace 4KULT di Eagle Pictures, “The good, the bad, the ugly”, a reissue in 4K + Blu-ray + DVD, with inside a card from numbered collection. The story is about three unscrupulous men who live ineptly and with no ideals to believe in. I am Tuco (the ugly), Joe (the good), and Judgment (the bad). The latter is looking for a treasure hidden in the tomb of a gentleman named Bill Carson, but through the wrong way it is the good and the bad who find the various information necessary to find the loot, but none of the three trusts the other, nor even less do they intend to divide the money, so the treasure hunt begins separately, until the three find themselves in the cemetery for the reckoning.


Eagle Pictures: the new home videos of the month of November 2021

And lastly “Hannibal”, out on November 24, 2021. Hannibal Lecter played by former Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen, a brilliant FBI psychiatrist, joined by a criminal profiler, Will Graham, who has the special gift of being able to empathize with anyone and be able to put themselves in their shoes. That after a long and exhausting case in search of a serial killer decides to leave. But the boss Jack she desperately needs him to solve difficult cases. So he enlists Graham and Lecter. But Hannibal Lecter who is Hannibal Lecter, sees these ruthless killers with different eyes with a different conception of the law, while poor Will catches serial killers in circulation, unaware of having one right by his side. Available on DVD and Blu-ray.

And which one are you waiting for first? Let us know in the comments.

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