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New updates for Android 12 Beta

In the last few hours, Google has released the latest version of Android 12 for all those who have a Pixel. And that could officially mark the end of the Beta program. Yet, apparently, it would not seem so. The tech giant seems more than willing to work on it again Android 12 Beta, and it looks like it will continue to do so in the future. On the other hand, in announcing the launch of the new operating system, Google did not hesitate to thank the Beta community for “having collectively reported over 50,000 problems to help improve the quality of the version”.

Android 12 Beta: new updates are coming

Good news from Google: the Android 12 Beta program will continue despite the giant has already launched its final version. Therefore, if your device remains registered on “you will automatically receive the next beta updates of Android 12 starting from December”. Basically, we don’t know what the new changes Google has made to the program will consist of, but it is very likely that they are more bug fixes and improvements.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that the giant has tried to carry out a Beta program. The initiative had already been undertaken with Android 11, but was never completed. With the new operating system, however, Google seems really intent on achieving excellent results. From what we know, in fact, he is already working on “Android 12.1“, A version that seems to be mainly focused on folding. In any case, what interests us for now is the Beta program, from which users with Pixel can “quit” at any time.

“If you prefer to leave the Pixel Beta program and return to Android 12’s stable public track, you have a window of opportunity to unsubscribe without wiping your device. Update and install the official version today, then unsubscribe by December 1st before the next Beta updates are released. This will ensure that your device is not wiped during deactivation “.

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