Half-Life 2: new surprise update released

The generational masterpiece of Valve Half-Life 2 has received a new surprise update available now, containing various interesting technical updates, probably related to the imminent release of Steam Deck. Let’s see the details below!

It seems that Valve has quietly released a new update for Half-Life 2, which, in addition to fixing some long-standing bugs, adds some absolutely noteworthy features. The news comes directly from Tyler McVicker, well-known youtuber and content creator famous for his news on Valve and other giants of the videogame industry: he himself has noticed that no patch notes have yet been published, and therefore everything we know about this update was found through tests and observations. So let’s see below the details on the news of Half-Life 2!

All the contents of the update on Half-Life 2

Always McVicker points out that Valve has practically created a new one beta of the game, most likely to test the new features in view of the release of Steam Deck, the new portable hardware console and the company’s workhorse. The main focus of this update appears to be adaptation of resolution and user interface to make the Half-Life 2 fit the best to the 1280 × 800 screens of the Steam Deck. For this purpose, the HUD has been unlocked, and now adapts to the resolution chosen by the player: this means that from now on it will also adapt to display widescreen, support that has never before been implemented.

In addition, players will be able to increase the field of view without having to go and edit the game’s DLL files as it was up to now. Furthermore, support for the Vulkan API (already introduced earlier this year on Portal 2) has finally been implemented, which will decrease CPU usage. in favor of increased GPU utilization. As McVicker suggests, one can imagine that Valve plans to add this technology to their entire catalog to better prepare for the release of Steam Deck.

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