EarFun Free Pro review: earphones that challenge the high-end

The EarFun Free Pro, although they represent a product placed in the mid-range, definitely have the characteristics of high-end earphones. Let’s find out together if they have managed to meet our expectations

EarFun, a very young brand of audio products, is slowly gaining ground. Merit of excellent quality of its speakers and its line of wireless earphones, which are gathering more and more approvals in Europe and beyond. Today we are going to talk about the Free Pro, one of the company’s flagship models. Although these earphones are found in a price range widely below 100 euros, have some really interesting features that are rarely seen in this market segment. Will these premises be enough to satisfy our expectations? Let’s find out.

Data sheet

  • ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Low Latency mode
  • Compatibility with wireless charging
  • Touch controls
  • IPX5 certification

Package Contents and Design | EarFun Free Pro review

In the package we find the earphones in their case, the USB type C cable for charging the case, two pairs of spare pads and three pairs of adapters to ensure the best possible comfort in the ear cup. These precautions in the package are always welcome, in this way the user has the opportunity to try various combinations of use and find the one that best suits your ear. The design of the case, which extends more in width than in length, allows you to hold it comfortably in the jeans pocket without bothering or encumbering too much.

EarFun Free Pro review: earphones that challenge the high-end

Furthermore, it is compatible with wireless charging and has, on the front, a small LED that indicates the state of the charge, both when it is opened and when it is connected to the current. The only flaw of the case is perhaps the zip which allows opening / closing. It is a little too loose and risks closing every time you open the case to take the headphones. It has happened several times to want to remove both headphones but the pairing was interrupted due to the premature closure of the top.

The earphones, on the other hand, are quite small and they fit the ear very well. They are neither too big nor too protruding and, thanks to the large amount of choice of rubber pads, they do not risk falling or to slip away. Once worn, after a while, you forget you are wearing them; they are really very valid from this point of view. In addition, the case, being magnetic, makes them adhere perfectly when you put them away, without wasting further time and in a very easy way, in case we need to put them away quickly.

EarFun Free Pro review: earphones that challenge the high-end

Functionality and comfort | EarFun Free Pro review

The Free Pro fit really well in the ear thanks to the great possibility of adapters present in the package. In addition to this, they also have features that can rarely be appreciated on headsets of the same price range. One of them is definitely there active noise cancellation (ANC). Thanks to this technology, the background noise up to 28 dB it is removed, isolating from the outside world. The idea is good and for this price range it works quite well, even if it is not comparable to ANC of higher-end earphones.

EarFun Free Pro review: earphones that challenge the high-end

The pairing system of the headphones to the device is very simple and is explained well in the package leaflet present in the package. The pairing is very fast and intuitive, also suitable for users who are approaching TWS for the first time. If the pairing system and ANC technology are good, unfortunately they cannot be praised in the same way the touch controls on the earphones. In fact, together with the leaflet for connecting the headphones to the devices, the various commands that can be carried out while wearing them are also indicated.

In addition to turning the volume up or down, pausing or resuming a song, and turning ANC on or off, you can also take advantage of the voice assistant. The commands are many, but latency between the touch controls and the device it is a bit too high. For example, lowering or raising the volume of a song is very cumbersome, so much so that several times I have preferred to do it directly from the phone. With a little more responsive controls, maybe it would have been better.

EarFun Free Pro review: earphones that challenge the high-end

Furthermore, an application is missing that, in my opinion, would have completed the functionality of these earphones. Having an app that checks the charge status of the Free Pro or that allows some freedom in the audio settings would really complete the package. On the other hand, however, there are those who prefer headphones plug and play, it is a matter of taste.

The battery, on the other hand, is very durable and reflects the data provided by the company; that is approximately 32 hours, also considering the charge of the case. In addition, in the packaging, a USB / USB Type C cable is provided for the fast charging.

Audio quality | EarFun Free Pro review

So, in the end, how do these Free Pros sound? I must say the audio quality it’s not bad at all, indeed, very good indeed. Highs, mids and lows are good overall and work together to create a truly enjoyable final sound. They are certainly not audiophile earphones, but for the price, the yield is really good.

EarFun Free Pro review: earphones that challenge the high-end

They are headphones that are good for a little bit of everything. Of course they are more effective when used for music and multimedia content, but you can also use them for exercise, thanks to IPX5 certification, or to play with your smartphone. Of course, if you want earphones specifically for gaming, these may not fully satisfy you, but if you are a casual gamer, they can be a good choice overall.

As for the calls, they also perform very well in this area. The interlocutor’s voice appears clear and crystalline and the built-in microphone does its job well, allowing whoever is calling us to hear us well.

EarFun Free Pro review: earphones that challenge the high-end

In conclusion

The EarFun Free Pro are truly earphones very good for their price. Thanks to a clean and crystalline sound both when listening and when calling and technical precautions such as charging via wireless and Type C, they really manage to please the user. Too bad for the lack of a dedicated app and for the ANC technology which, despite being present, is a bit anonymous in the face of similar technologies on earphones of much higher ranges. However, there are still some excellent headphones in the range between 50 and 80 euros. If you are looking for a complete pair of TWS earphones under 100 euros, think about it, they will hardly disappoint you.

You can find them on Amazon or on the company’s official store. To stay updated on everything related to the technological world and beyond, keep following us! Greetings from the drafting of TechGameWorld.com.

Points in favor

  • Good audio overall
  • Very comfortable
  • Possibility of wireless charging

Points against

  • Lack of a dedicated app
  • ANC not fully convincing
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