Echo Show 8 now available in Italy with a renewed design

Echo Show 8 da oggi disponibile in Italia con un design rinnovato thumbnail

Echo Show 8 of the new generation is integrated with Alexa and boasts a renewed designa more intuitive home screenand enhanced processor. But not only. There is no lack ofspatial audio it’s a Integrated smart home hub to offer users even more personalized, proactive and intuitive experiences.

Echo Show 8technical features

The new Echo Show 8 features a new design with soft curves along the fabric covering. And a full screen glass frame around the touchscreen HD da 8 pollici. It features a enhanced processor and offers a perfected audio experience thanks to space acoustics sensing technology.

Video calls have also been improved, thanks to centered 13 megapixel camera. This feature ensures superior video quality and clearer sound, while reducing background noise for an immersive listening experience.

The next-generation Echo Show 8 also includes a integrated hub for the Smart Homewith support for Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth e Matter. Allows you to control compatible lights, locks and sensors with just your voice and without the need for a separate hub.

Echo Show 8: new home screen thanks to adaptive content

Echo Show 8 also delivers adaptive content and a new home screen experience that uses the technology computer vision of the device for adjust the contents on the screen based on the user’s proximity to the device.

Thanks to this mode, it is possible to use information clearly even from a distance from the device, such as a newspaper headline or a recipe. The screen then automatically adapts to offer a more detailed view as you approach the device.

Users who have set the visual ID will also be able to customize the visible information, highlighting items such as a recent playlist. The new adaptive home screen also includes shortcut icons which facilitate access to the most used widgets, which can be opened with a simple touch.

Sustainable design and energy saving

Next-generation Echo Show 8 benefits from the badge Climate Pledge Friendly: its fabric is made of 100% yarn recycled polyester post-consumer and 99% of the device’s packaging is based on Wood fiber from sustainably managed forests or recycled sources.

Furthermore, the new device is equipped with the energy saving mode which reduces energy consumption when the device is not in operation, contributing to energy savings throughout the life cycle of the device (depending on user configurations).

Designed to protect your privacy

Like all Echo devices, the new next-generation device is designed with customer privacy in mind and includes several levels of privacy controls, such as a built-in camera cover and a button that electronically mutes the microphone. Customers can turn off the ‘Adaptive Content’ feature at any time in the device’s on-screen settings by closing the camera cover or muting the microphone.

Availability and prices

Echo Show 8 it is available from today on in the colors White and Anthracite at the price of 169,99 euro. Il adjustable support for Echo Show 8 with USB-C charging portsold separately, is available at 39,99 euro.

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