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Does the Apple AirTag really work as an anti-theft device for cars and motorbikes?

L’Apple AirTag it is extremely useful for finding lost items such as wallets or keys. But if it’s aauto or one moto? That’s why theApple Airtag it’s not the best Theft Protection to use.

Apple AirTag. Fonte: Depositphotos

L’Apple AirTag it is one of the many accessories introduced by Apple that complete its ecosystem. It’s a small one tracker, just thicker than a two euro coin and easy to hide. Very useful for tracking lost itemsfor example by attaching it to the key ring or inserting it in the wallet, however, it is also used in other ways.

In fact, there are many unofficial uses by users, and one of these is how Theft Protection. If it can fit in your wallet, why not in the document compartment of your car?auto or hidden in the moto to track them down. But It really works as an anti-theft device?

Use the Apple AirTag as an anti-theft device

Basically, there is no reason to stop using a AirTag come antifurto. Given that the device Apple does not make any alarm sound like a Theft Protection true, the alert sent to your iPhone of a car or motorbike suddenly moving can certainly be useful.

However, there are some problems, starting with the scope of the connection. If tracking via AirTag allows you to find out if someone is stealing your car, it is not as easy to track it down.

L’AirTagin fact, can only send the signal to the iPhone if it is within a maximum radius of 100m. If he moves away, it is no longer possible to see where he is and would effectively make tracking the car or motorbike almost impossible.

Furthermore, you have to be very careful to hide it well, otherwise thieves could find it and throw it away so as not to be followed.

It must also be said that theAirTag it has also been used in a way diametrically opposed to anti-theft function, right from thieves. In Canada it became a media sensation when the police discovered that some gangs were using the Apple tracking devices to follow the cars to be stolen, for example by briefly inserting them into the fuel tank door.

Finally, it is true that, as we have said, theAirTag does not emit an alarm sound, but with the latest safety features introduced by Apple it can emit an audible warning if it detects that it is accompanying someone who is not its owner.

This is an update that Apple introduced to prevent theAirTag is used to spy on people or for stalking purposes, and may be counterproductive to the purpose of a Theft Protection.

Can the AirTag be useful for cars and motorbikes?

Despite theApple AirTag not the best choice as Theft Protectionit can however also be useful for auto not moto. This is in case it is suddenly difficult to find them.

Apple AirTag come antifurto. Fonte: Depositphotos

Have you ever found yourself parking your car?auto o to moto in a large car park, for example in a shopping centre, and then when you exit you don’t remember where you left it? Here, in this case theAirTag gives the best of himself.

In fact, it will be possible to track down your car without having to struggle to remember the sector or parking space number and without having to continually open and close it with the keys to intercept its sound or lights.

Much more useful, therefore, than a Theft Protection improvised that gives few guarantees.

How the AirTag works

In the case of car parks, theApple AirTag it can be extremely useful thanks to its features.

L’AirTagin fact, is connected to the IP address of your devices Apple. Tracking and localization take place in the “Where is” app, the same one that then sends alerts in the event of loss.

The device works within a maximum radius of 100m, but within 15m theUltra WideBand of the new chips. At close ranges, it is possible to pinpoint the position of an object extremely precisely and the iPhone is also able to give centimeter-level directions to reach it.

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