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Ecoflow Power Station: Being outdoors with more energy

Ecoflow and its Power Stations. The company specializing in the production of these portable products designed to provide portable, clean and reliable energy, Spring is launched by providing all outdoor enthusiasts with a range of products that can be used in various situations.

From barbecues to watching a movie, fitness and much more.

For the kings and queens of the barbecue
Those who wait for the summer to devote themselves to the grill, organizing lunches or dinners en plein air, will be able to satisfy their needs thanks to EcoFlow DELTA Pro. The first portable battery for home use with one basic capacity of 3.6 kWh, expandable up to 25 kWh, it is a portable solution for powering and storing clean energy, and in the event of an emergency it can provide families with backup power for several days. In this way it will be possible to connect all the appliances you need, both for cooking with the electric grill and for powering a portable refrigerator or stereo system for as long as necessary, including the classic (and very long) Sunday lunches.

For fitness addicts, or budding enthusiasts

Who wouldn’t want to replace the gym with a lush garden? A choice that in recent years has been made more and more possible thanks to remote and on-demand sports training: activities accessible to all via their portable devices, which thanks to the warm season can finally be practiced outdoors. With EcoFlow RIVERthe most compact and light model of the range (only 5 Kg and dimensions slightly larger than a toaster) equipped with 9 ports and able to power devices up to 1800 W with the X-Boost mode active, you can have all the your own training programs always available, without the fear that the low battery of your smartphone or PC will stop the desire for physical activity.

For cinephiles, or hopeless romantics
The season of outdoor cinema has finally begun: what’s better than an arthouse film under the stars? Thanks to EcoFlow RIVER Pro, which offers up to 720 Wh of power, it will be very easy to organize the perfect movie night without the risk of the film disappointing your expectations. And with the help of the battery RIVER Pro Extra the power station can guarantee a capacity of 1440 Wh; therefore also perfect for binge watching or marathons of your favorite sagas, which can be played until dawn without the risk of being interrupted at the most beautiful.

All EcoFlow models are rechargeable via solar panelswhich transform them into completely self-sufficient power stations, and can be paired via WiFi with the EcoFlow app, available for Android and iOS, with which to check the status of the power stations and activate their functions.

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