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EcoFlow power stations are available from Leroy Merlin

EcoFlowthe company specializing in the manufacture of portable power systems, has announced the availability of power stations at the points of sale Leroy Merlin. Let’s find out all the details together.

EcoFlow is now available from Leroy Merlin

The company, founded in 2017, wants to supply portable energy, clean e reliable, surpassing traditional generators. Its goal is to reinventthanks to new technologies, the way energy can be accessed – wherever you are.

Now its power stations will be even more readily available for a wide audience of users, who will thus be able to choose the model that best suits your needs. Customers can now buy them in-store or on the official Leroy Merlin website.

Thanks to the expertise of its founders in the creation of lightweight batteries, lasting e powerfulEcoFlow makes available to users a gamma at the power station port suitable for any need. The new range of power stations is equipped with lithium-ion technology and delete noises ed emissions harmful. Furthermore, EcoFlow products require one low maintenance and allow to to preserve e to consume energy with maximum efficiency.

The products of the range EcoFlow RIVER they are characterized by a compact design e modularwhich makes them a solution practice e flexible to be transported with the utmost ease. The line EcoFlow DELTA instead it is designed to support users in any situation: from domestic energy to electric vehicle charging. This line is indeed equipped with an exceptional power output and one revolutionary charging technology.

All EcoFlow models are rechargeable via solar panels, which transform them into completely self-sufficient power stations. Finally they can be combined via WiFi all’app EcoFlow, available for Android and iOS. For more information about the products you can consult the official site in EcoFlow.

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