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EcoFlow presents the first photovoltaic system for balconies

Düsseldorf – Coinciding with the opening of his European headquarters in DüsseldorfEcoFlow, the leading company in the field of environmentally friendly energy solutions, presented the new PowerStream, the first balcony photovoltaic system with portable power station. We are facing a truly revolutionary system that allows users to acquire solar energy day and night, guaranteeing a reduction on the electricity bill.

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Discovering EcoFlow’s PowerStream

ecoflow PowerStream

PowerStream marks the expansion at EcoFlowwhich has grown to 2.5 million users worldwide, also in the domestic solar battery market. The PowerStream balcony photovoltaic system is a complete solution that includes the Microinverter EcoFlow PowerStreami solar panelsthe Smart Plugs and theapp EcoFlow for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption in real time.

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The system is designed to provide a base capacity of 2,048Wh, expandable up to 6,144Wh. PowerStream is capable of store energy excess generated during the day in the portable power station, ensuring the use of all the accumulated solar energy. The stored energy can continue to power the house during the night or when sunlight is insufficient, from the most powerful appliances to those with low consumption. With a maximum solar input of 800W, PowerStream generates approximately 1,039kWh of electricity per year and the portable power station ensures that you can use it.

Un vero Plug & Play

With the help of Smart Plugs and the EcoFlow app users can monitor and optimize energy production and consumption in real time getting a clearer picture of your home energy usage. By connecting the most powerful appliances to the Smart Plugs, the Microinverter is able to assign the right amount of electricity to each appliance.

Users can install the whole system by themselves, as the Microinverter, Portable Power Station, Smart Plugs and Solar Panels are all plug and play. Thanks to its compact design, PowerStream can be easily mounted in a variety of environments, including balconies of apartments or detached houses, gardens and house facades. Thanks to the dedicated ones flat cables EcoFlow, there is no need to drill a hole in the wall or window, as outdoor-to-indoor wiring is extremely simple. If you want a reliable power source for outdoor activities, you can simply unplug the cable to use the portable power station on the go.

Prices and availability

Power Stream is available on the EcoFlow website and on Amazon, in three different kits:

  • Il No Storage Kit includes one EcoFlow PowerStream Microinverter, four 100W Flexible Solar Panels, one BKW-DELTA EB EcoFlow Cable, two EcoFlow Super Flat Cables and two EcoFlow Smart Plugs, at one price of €1,082
  • Il 1kWh Storage Kitsuitable for both apartment and detached house use, includes the No Storage Kit and a DELTA 2 EcoFlow power station. The price is €2,281
  • Il 2kWh Storage Kit is intended for home use and includes the 1kWh Storage Kit (but with two 400W rigid solar panels instead of four 100W flexible solar panels) and a DELTA Max 2000 EcoFlow power station. price of €2,709
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