Ecovacs, la nuova gamma di robot domestici per la pulizia di vetri, pavimenti e tosatura del prato thumbnail

Ecovacs, the new range of domestic robots for cleaning windows, floors and lawn mowing

Fewer household chores, impeccable cleaning and more free time for oneself might seem like a utopia, but with ECOVACS and his new ones domestic robots to take care of your home, daily life will be much easier.

The Ecovacs window cleaning robot

Clean the windows effortlessly it is now possible, thanks to the product line WINBOT W2: the WINBOT W2 (€499) with improved cleaning technologies and the premium model WINBOT W2 OMNI (€599), complemented by a portable multifunctional station. Both devices will be available from 06.03.2024 on Amazon, while WINBOT W2 ALL it will also be available in Unieuro and MediaWorld stores, as well as in the ECOVACS online store.

With WINBOT W2, window cleaning becomes a completely new and above all effortless experience. The wide-angle spray function, even more precise water pressure and intelligent position memory ensure thorough cleaning of window glass.

You can choose between five different modes: quick cleaning, deep cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning and precision cleaning. In combination with the innovative non-slip guide system, the suction power of 2,800 Pa ensures not only smooth movements, but also effective cleaning. The non-slip traction system ensures a secure grip even on slippery surfaces or in the event of unexpected power outages.

The flagship model of the WINBOT series is the W2 OMNI, the first window cleaning robot with a portable base station. Thanks to the powerful lithium-ion batteries, this little helper can take care of your windows even without direct access to electricity. Furthermore, the base station is equipped with four functions that allow you to operate and control the device with the simple touch of a button. The station’s functions include one-button cord rewind, on/off, start/pause, and quick clean/deep clean mode.

Lawn mowing is easier with the home robot

Spring is approaching and the grass is growing. For many owners of houses with a garden, this also means the beginning of a rather time-consuming activity: the lawn mowing. This year ECOVACS expands the GOAT series with two new products. In addition to the known ECOVACS GOAT G1-1600the series is enriched with the ECOVACS GOAT G1-800 model in gray and white and the premium model ECOVACS GOAT G1-2000 with a practical garage in which to store the robotic lawnmower.

The basic model, ECOVACS GOAT G1-800, It is suitable for a garden area of ​​up to 800 m². With the “wireless borders” setting, the robotic lawnmower can be used effortlessly, without the manual laying of perimeter wires and with mapping in just 20 minutes. The TrueMapping Multi-Fusion localization system ensures efficient mowing and a tidy lawn with a perfect cut.

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