eFootball celebrates Brazil with Season 4: The Carnival Vibe

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The new season (number 4) of eFootball is dedicated to Brazil and its football culture. Users will be able to take advantage of various bonuses, events and exclusive items that will make their teams more colorful and fun.

eFootball: the contents of Season 4

Here are all the contents of the new season:

  • Bonus log-in: By logging into eFootball during Season 4, players will receive free rewards, including 3 x Chance Deals to get “Highlight: Brazil” players, such as Danilo, Marquinhos, Pedro, Raphael Veiga and Renan Lodi, to include in their Dreams Team. Plus, everyone will have the chance to get a free Neymar Jr Highlight card, available from day one of Season 4.
  • Events: Season 4 will feature several events related to Brazil, its legends and other interesting themes, which will challenge users and help them improve their teams. By participating in these events, users will be able to earn up to 2 x Chance Deals for “Highlight: Brazil”, up to 15,000 GP and up to 110,000 Exp. for training their players.
  • Special items: To give a touch of “Carnival Vibe” to their Dream Teams, players will be able to use their Chance Deals to add one of the three Brazilian footballers mentioned above, in addition to the free Neymar Jr card, and dress them in the new eFootball Carnival ’24 kit .

We remind you that eFootball is a free-to-play game, therefore it is possible to play it for free on PC and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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