EKSA E900 Pro Review: Affordable and convincing wired headphones

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In this review we will test and talk about the EKSA E900 Pro, wired headphones that convinced me in terms of quality and cost

The purchase options for more or less experienced gamers in terms of headphones is certainly more than vast. The products are many and often they can hide some surprises. Sometimes negative, other times, as in this case, positive. Today we talk about the EKSA E900 Pro, headphones that I had the pleasure of trying for a few weeks. Below is a description that aims to clarify the highlights, such as price, build quality and, of course, the acoustic experience. I’ll tell you right away that at this price it will be difficult to find better.

Packaging and unboxing | EKSA E900 Pro review

The packaging is the company’s business card and, despite the price, I find it sufficient. On the package are written all information important and the headphones inside are well protected. Inside we find the headphones, a comfortable bag to carry them, a cable USB-C (point in favor!), a jack 3.5 / 3.5 mm and a particularly popular splitter to connect them to the PC.

Technical features

  • Sensitivity: 118dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz
  • 50mm dynamic drivers;
  • Frequency range 20Hz-20KHz;
  • Virtual Surround 7.1;
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42dB +/- 3dB;
  • Impedance 32 Ω.

EKSA E900 Pro Review: Affordable and convincing wired headphones


  • EKSA E900 Pro Review: Affordable and convincing wired headphones


  • Materials and design | EKSA E900 Pro review

    Let’s start with aesthetics, the eye always wants its part and EKSA he did a decent job. The materials are not premium, and it would also be wrong to expect them. However, the headphones appear solid, comfortable enough and also pleasing to the eye. The aspect that convinced me most is certainly the comfort: I found the pads of the pavilions particularly comfortable and enveloping. I found them particularly comfortable even after two hours of play, also thanks to the headband above the head which is also quite neat and comfortable. From an aesthetic point of view, to conclude, I would like to point out alighting led on each pavilion that lights up when he turned on the company logo.

    The buttons on board are few and essential. Headphones are powered automatically if connected, so there is no button to turn them on or off. There is the wheel to adjust the volume and the button for disable the microphone. Particularly welcome is the attachment with safety for the microphone which will thus avoid unknowingly detaching at the wrong times. In support, among other things, a parasputi which make the incoming audio more manageable.

    How does she feel? | EKSA E900 Pro review

    We come to the crucial question: how do they feel this EKSA E900 Pro? I have tried them for more than a week on PS4 ranging from sports games to shooting games like Warzone. On PC there is the possibility to download the software and enable a virtual 7.1 which, however, I consider not very useful in headphones of this price range. Returning to the console instead, I found them sufficiently performers compared to price.

    I sounds are well equalized, the spatiality it is good enough and even the bass despite being cheap headphones are present. There quality of the microphone it is not excellent, but still decent for one communication clear and effective. Like any pair of headphones, I also go to try them with music, to better understand the extent of the high and medium frequencies. I admit that the “da gaming”Of the headphones is here I’m and it is marked; however I found them sufficient, discreet sound and in any case equalized properly.

    EKSA E900 Pro Review: Affordable and convincing wired headphones

    Conclusions and prices | EKSA E900 Pro review

    A pair of headphones that have me surprised in positive comparing the price to the qualities I found on board. Certainly suitable and recommended for those approaching the world of gaming for the first time, but also for those who, with some experience behind them, want to spend little and still have a sufficient product in their hands. I consider that to this price (often under € 50 on Amazon) either hard to find from the headphones with these peculiarities.

    What do you think of this EKSA E900 Pro? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading all the notes to stay updated on the latest news and more.

    Points in favor

    • Sufficient audio
    • Comfort of the padding
    • USB-C on board
    • Price

    Points against

    • Wired headphones
    • Non-premium materials
    • Microphone quality not excellent
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