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EKSA H5 review: the new Bluetooth headphones for work

In this article we will test and review the new EKSA H5. News from EKSA regarding office / work headsets, suitable for all types of calls and business meetings

Today we are here to talk to you, after countless tests and tests, about the novelty of the house EKSA (here to visit the site), or the EKSA H5. These are EKSA’s latest creation in terms of work / office headphones, which while maintaining a typical physiognomy of other “office” creations, also offer pleasant innovations. So no more chatter, and I’d say go straight to the detailed description of these EKSA Bluetooth headphones.

Some info and details

EKSA H5 Bluetooth headphones can be connected in two ways: it can connect with all devices Bluetooth via Bluetooth. It can also be connected to PC / Laptop via dongle USB to ensure the stability and adaptability of the audio transmission. The chip AI ENC of the pc headphones with microphone can identify your voice and noise. Nearly 99.6% of background noise is reduced and your voice is transmitted loud and clear. Suitable for people who work in a noisy environment. H5 On Ear PC headphones can be charged via dock / charging cable. The battery from 400 mAh it can be fully recharged in just 1.5 hours. Allows 45 hours of music / 25 hours of conversation. He chips Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 provides a fast and stable connection of 10 meters. The most accurate algorithm makes the call in high quality. Ideal wireless headphones for office, business, call center, home office, distance learning or online courses. Compatible with Zoom / Teams / Skype. PC headphones with breathable ear pads and non-slip pads weighs only 75 grams, which means there is no pressure from long-term use. The 40mm elastic band fits all head sizes. The rotatable microphone arm of 270 degrees allows you to wear it on the left or right ear.

Packaging and unboxing | EKSA H5 review

The packaging ofEKSA H5 it maintains very small dimensions and is “beautiful to look at”. She strikes at first glance, with her black background color, and most of the text and images in fluorescent orange, while the rest is all written “” black on black “creating a nice effect. On the package, all the key information is reported., From the product name to the components, with technical specifications and contacts for assistance. Inside the package, we find stuck, for protection from bumps and falls, in an additional orange box headphones with all its components. In fact we have, the charging base / support of the headphones, the USB key for connection to devices such as PC o TVthe cable USB-C and obviously the user manual. Furthermore, in the lower part of the package we find a protective bag, gray in color with the usual writings in fluorescent orange, very nice to see and usable for carrying the headphones (as well as for protection). Negative note, in my opinion, there is no adapter to charge the headphones in the power socket.

Technical features

  • Sensitivity: 125 +/- 1dB
  • 40mm dynamic drivers;
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz;
  • Response frequency: 100-10kHz;
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42dB +/- 3dB;
  • Impedance 32 Ω +/- 15%;
  • Voltage: 5V;
  • Current: Max 200m;
  • Product dimensions: 15 x 4 x 16 cm;
  • Weight: 540 grams;
  • Batteries: 1 Li-ion batteries required. (included);
  • Additional features: Volume control;
  • Forma cuffie: ‎On-ear;
  • Type of connectors: wireless, Bluetooth, USB-C.

Materials and design | EKSA H5 review

In terms of aesthetics, I was quite satisfied with the work done on the EKSAs with the H5s. The materials to the touch (even the bezel) really seem resistant (and you don’t have that feeling of fragility that you might experience with other models). The headphones appear solid, but always pleasing to the eye. Not to neglect the comfort factor, very well adjustable and light, you do not feel discomfort wearing them for a long time. Thanks to the microphone with 270-degree movement, they can be positioned quietly or right or left. In detail, I was quite convinced of the pavilion pad, which is quite soft to wear.

As for the keys of the EKSA H5, fortunately (but it is a personal opinion) they are kept on essentiality. Few keys but essential. On the side, there is the ignition key (device pairing if used with Bluetooth) and the keys to raise and lower the volume. Beautiful, in its simplicity, also the support base (and recharge). Small in size, it does not take up space on the work surface. The microphone, integrated into the pavilion, seems quite resistant, capable of turning 270 degrees, allowing you to use the headphones in all possible positions. The quality of the voice is not bad, especially in the calls (after all, these headphones were created for this reason), while I do not recommend them at all for other types of use.

Audio quality | EKSA H5 review

Here we are at the most important factor, and that is the audio quality of these EKSA H5s. After several tests, on various platforms such as Skype, Zoom, on social networks and in simple phone calls, both from PC and smartphone, I can be quite satisfied. This is because the H5s really do what they were made to do well. Good spatiality, strong audio even if not set to the maximum, make the EKSA H5 a good product (especially if we look at the price). Despite being medium / low-end headphones, there are not bad audio materials. The quality of the microphone improves compared to the same types of devices from other brands, but remains average and guarantees clear and effective communication. Obviously, as soon as you move away from their “comfort zone”, you notice the limits of these H5s, not suitable, in my opinion, for other uses outside of work.

Conclusions and prices

In conclusion, after days of testing and various tests, I can say that the experience with these EKSA H5 it went very well. One of the positives is the comfort. In fact, even if they are wireless, compared to other wireless earphones that stay in the ear, these headphones have the advantage that the microphone is in a better position to capture the sound of the voice. In my opinion though. the quality of the sound, however, is that of a rather filtered sound, suitable for telephony only. In a videoconference on a computer you may want to have a more “realistic” microphone while with this you will still get a very filtered voice. For the rest, the headset can be used to make phone calls, answer calls, even switching from one call to a second and vice versa, listen to music (only in one ear and with modest quality). Good that it can be used with either USB che via Bluetoothas needed.

KSA H5 is a product that compared to other work headphones (of the same price range), left me particularly pleased. For those who want to spend little and have a good enough product in their hands, they are recommended. I think that at this price (around € 50 on Amazon) it is difficult to find a product with the same characteristics and peculiarities. Obviously, as already mentioned, these headphones do very well what they were created for, but I don’t recommend using them outside the workplace.

And you? What do you think of these new ones EKSA H5? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).


Points in favor

  • Comfort.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Quality.

Points against

  • Limit yourself to your work.
  • Charging adapter not included.


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