Elden Ring: 10 useful items to retrieve in Sepolcride

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Elden Ring is a game full of secrets and places to discover, to help you take your first steps in the game we offer you our selection of ten useful objects to find at Sepulchridthe first area of ​​the game, and which will help you throughout your game.

Elden Ring: Ten useful items to find in Sepulcride

Ampoule of the Portentous Balm

The first on this list of useful items to find in Elden Ring is theampoule of portentous balm, an object in my opinion really useful that we will be able to obtain to the west of Sepolcride, more precisely in the third church of Marika. This object consists in practice in a single extra flask that fills up every time we rest to a grace and that allows us to obtain a series of upgrades.

What kind of upgrades? This is up to you, as it is possible to customize the effect of this ampoule at the graces once you have the appropriate crystal tears.

For example, a combination that is obtained almost immediately heals half of the character’s health and simultaneously applies a regenerative effect, which lasts for a long time.

Consider that this is also one of the most basic combinations there are, since you will find some that can increase your statistic for a few minutes, recover mana or totally cancel an incoming shot. To recover these tears you will have to look for them near the minor mother trees, but be careful, they are usually also well defended.

Sharpening knife

Another fundamental object to be recovered first is the sharpening knife. This object is actually quite easy to find, since it is located in the probable first camp of Godrick’s soldiers that you will find along your way, the one where you will also find the first part of the Sepolcride map.

Here is a staircase leading to a small crypt, where you can find both the knife in question and war ash. But what exactly is this knife for? Well, just to equip the ashes to weapons at the guards, an option that otherwise will remain blocked even if you have already found others. It goes without saying then that this is one of the first items you should aim to have, given the centrality of the ashes in the game’s economy.

Spirit bell

To complete the trio of essential items to have absolutely as soon as possible we also find the campaign spiritualamong the most useful objects in Elden Ring and necessary to summon the very latter, which will provide us with great help during battles.

Getting it is not complex, fortunately: you just need to get the torrent, your mount, and then transport yourself to the church of Helle, here a new NPC will have appeared who will give it to you without asking for anything in return.

Now that you have it, take a trip to the hut on the way to Castle Great Tempest as well, as there you will find Rodericka, a nice NPC who will first give you a spirit jellyfish, very very useful as it can inflict bleeding and poison together.

This character will then move to the round table fortress where we can carry out his quest, at the end of which we will be able to enhance all our spirits at his shop.

Boss at night

The next point on this list is not so much about a single item, but more about a game mechanic that could help you recover a good number of weapons and war ashes from unique and very powerful enemies.

Nights Cavalry Elden Ring Boss Guide

I am referring to certain bosses that appear in the game world during the night and that once defeated guarantee unique items, as I have already mentioned. Generally, the reward for defeating this type of opponent is always worth the candle, so I recommend that you often go around the streets of the interregnum at sunset, but be careful: these are very powerful opponents.

Merchant of ash

Speaking of upgrades for your character, if what you are looking for is some new ashes of war to rely on, then you should head to the hut of the master swordsmanwhich you will find near the castle great storm, in a small shack.

Elden Ring Warmaster location

This warrior will sell you a large selection of pretty ashes basic, among the best of all, that is, no skills. This skill is more useful than it seems, since we can insert it into a shield to remove its basic ability, such as parry.

Why do this? Simple because in this way we will be able to use the skill of the weapon on the right hand without necessarily putting it in two hands, which is very useful in some scenarios, since it allows us to make the most of our offensive arsenal without giving up the defense of the shield.


If you’re looking for a shield that can block a lot of damage with some passive power-ups, then the grancarapace it’s for you, as it reduces physical damage by 100% and also offers a bonus to stamina regeneration.

elden ring useful items

To get it, just go to the peninsula of weeping and use the spirit gayser near the wandering merchant on the way to the Castle of Morne and jump with a stream on the nearby watchtower. The shield is right here.

Crimson Assassin’s Dagger

For the last 4 points of this list we will see where to recover as many talismans very useful effects that you can carry with you for practically the whole game, since they will remain extremely valid for most of your game.

elden ring useful items

The first of these is the Crimson Knife of the Assassinwhich you can find by defeating the boss at the end of the dungeon called the deadly catacombs, a dungeon that is located not too far from where the ash merchant I mentioned earlier is located, in the area north of Sepolcride.

This talisman is great because it allows you to regain health once you make a critical hit on any enemy, namely the backstabs and the reposts, which you will find yourself doing very often, if you like stealth approaches or counterattacks in defense.

Favor of the mother tree

The next talisman is the Favor of the Mother Tree, which you can find inside the enclosed area via the gray fog in the tomb from which you will start the game. You will need two stone keys to enter and if you have chosen it as an initial gift you probably already have them in your possession.

Once in this area go through the poisonous point and proceed normally in the catacombs up to a small connecting bridge, here look down on the left and you will notice a point where you can drop to a lower floor.

elden ring useful items

Do this and follow the path to get the talisman in question, well protected, mind you, so be careful. This talisman is the equivalent of the old Souls Ring of Favor and boosts maximum health and stamina, along with maximum carry weight, practically a must have for almost any build.

Radagon’s Scar Seal

The third talisman I’m going to tell you about is the Radagon’s Scar Seal, which also in this case is an old acquaintance, for all Souls lovers, since it has the same effect, or almost the Prisoner Ring: that is to increase Vitality, Toughness, Strength and Dexterity at the cost of a small damage penalty suffered; totally manageable, if we consider that all the stats it raises are enough to compensate for this malus.

To get it we will have to find and unlock the eternal prison in the peninsula of tears using a stone key, where we will have to face a rather tough boss who, once defeated, will grant it to us.

Talisman of the Blessed Dew.

The last of the useful items to be found in Elden Ring early in the game is the Talisman of the Blessed Dew. To reach this talisman we will have to continue exploring the peninsula of weeping, until we reach the tower of return, which is located to the west of the region. Here going up we will find a chest with a teleportation trap, which will take us directly to the capital of the kingdom.

Or rather it will take us to an isolated area of ​​the same where we can only activate a grace and kill a golem nearby and then take the talisman in question, which will offer us a passive regeneration of health as long as we keep it on us; something that could prove very useful for the downtime of exploring new areas.