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Elden Ring: beware of PC hackers, rescues at risk

Elden Ring: beware of PC hackers, saves at risk thumbnail

If you are playing Elden Ring su PC be very careful, and consider disabling the game’s online features for the moment: according to several Reddit posts spotted by Eurogamer, some hackers have found a hack capable of compromising the games of others permanently.

Elden Ring: beware of PC hackers

You can see the exploit in action in a video posted by Elden Ring Update on Twitter. A hacker will invade your game and use a specific ability that forces the game to crash. When the save is reloaded, the character will repeatedly fall to death – some players have reported losing up to 100 hours of gameplay this way.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because FromSoftware was recently forced to disable Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer features after a hacker identified an in-game vulnerability that allowed them to execute code remotely. The studio has been working to settle the matter since February.

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have not yet commented on the matter. In the meantime, your best bet is to play offline. If not, we strongly recommend that you regularly back up your save just in case someone uses the above exploit.

At worst, it is possible to prevent all of this from happening, but the process is not easy. In fact, you will need to press Alt F4 before your character dies, then quickly travel to a Site of Grace once back in the game.

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