Elden Ring: come gira su PS4?

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Recently arrived on PC and current and last generation consoles, there is a question that many ask themselves while playing Elden Ring on performing platforms: but how does it run on PS4?

The Interregnum has now become the home of many of you (and of us) during this time. Elden Ring came in to overwhelm our lives last Friday February 25th and, since then, we admit it has been really hard to break away. An overwhelming title, born from the hands of From Software, with minds behind it like that of Hidetaka Miyazaki (father of the souls and of the genre that sprung from them) and George RR Martin. Applauded by audiences and critics alike, Elden Ring seems not to be trivially a “Dark Souls 4”, but a redefinition of what the franchise has been up to now and probably will be in the future. We can’t wait to talk to you thoroughly in a full review!

Before starting

Before discovering how Elden Ring runs on PS4, we remind you that here on TechGameWorld.com you will already find a long list of guides dedicated to the title of From Software. From the pure and simple trophy list, we moved on to how to unlock quick travel, how to wield a two-handed weapon, how to level up, where to find the meteorite staff, the best classes to start with, and much, much more. Having said that, some premise before throwing ourselves headlong into what it once was one of the most interesting and richest generations: that of PS4 and Xbox One.

PC masterrace no more | Elden Ring: come gira su PS4?

Paradoxically, the best version to play Elden Ring doesn’t seem to be the one on PC, in this historical moment. In fact, the game suffers from several rather common technical problems, but also from crashes, bugs and rather disabling glitches. Big frame rate problems, high stutter, little scalability and many other technical inexperiences have made it, by popular acclaim, currently a bad port, although it has still made record numbers on Steam. Many therefore turned to the next-gen versions of the From Software title, however encountering some obstacles in terms of performance, albeit more calm (and certainly, even more understandable from a general point of view). And so far, here we are. Our review will arrive shortly, and will be based on a PS5 code. But we are forgetting something. Come gira Elden Ring su PS4?

We start from the assumption that our brief “analysis” (although we do not allow ourselves to get too technical, for that you can contact the ever-eternal Digital Foundry) took place based on a PlayStation 4 Pro and with Elden Ring patched to the version 1.02 (the version played by everyone on day one, in short). We do not have a basic PS4, but we have found out online and different sources have all given the same parameters.

Elden Ring: come gira su PS4?

FPS e Performance | Elden Ring: come gira su PS4?

Starting from the performance, from what emerged Elden Ring on next-gen runs differently based on the reference machine. On Xbox Series S, the frame rate is variable around 35fps in quality mode and 45fps in performance mode. On PlayStation 5, in quality mode it is about 45 fps and in performance mode between 55 and 60 fps. On Xbox Series X, on the other hand, Elden Ring runs around 40fps in quality mode and on average at 50fps in performance mode, with some peaks towards 55/60 fps. So you realize that already on more powerful machines, Elden Ring is definitely not stable in terms of performancealso by selecting the pre-set “performance” mode.

And on last-gen? According to what emerged from our research, the title of From Software, on the Xbox family varies from 30 fps on Xbox One S e i 35 fps su Xbox One X. His PlayStation 4 standard runs around 30fps, while on PlayStation 4 Pro slightly raises the bar reaching around 35 fps. On the last generation “enhanced” consoles, in fact, the frame rate is unlocked and technically it could even reach 40fps, never succeeding and being, in the end, a bit of a dancer in the most excited situations.

Over the course of the various hours of gameplay we spent in the Interregnum, our version of Elden Ring on PlayStation 4 Pro was pretty stable around 30fps, with noticeable dips in the presence of large groups of enemies or when casting some spells. We admit, however, that given the vastness of the map and the general size of the game, we expected much worse performance on now decidedly dated machines.

Elden Ring: come gira su PS4?

Quality and uploads | Elden Ring: how does it run on PS4?

What is being lost on PlayStation 4 is, by and large, the graphic detail. Compared to its next-gen counterparts, Elden Ring on standard PS4 runs at 1080p resolution, while 1800p on Pro (Xbox One X resolution is dynamic instead). The big differences are especially noticeable in the richness of detail in the game world and, especially, in the even quite close pop-up of any element of the landscape, especially if you whiz astride Torrente in the lands of the Interregnum. The slowness of loading textures is also greater, but not only.

To be the uploads are obviously slower too, that on PS5, thanks to the integrated SSD, reach impressive peaks. On PlayStation 4 Pro we passed the loading screens even 20/25 seconds, and considering the difficulty of the title and the high number of deaths… get ready to pass us many more.

Elden Ring: come gira su PS4?

Have fun!

In short, ultimately: how does Elden Ring turn on PS4? Better than we might have expected, but we’re definitely not on par with a Horizon Forbidden West, which gave the older generation a praiseworthy salute. Of course, in this case we are not talking about an exclusive, but given the temporal proximity of the two launches, the comparison comes by itself. Let us know what you think below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!