Elden Ring: guide to the best weapons

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Crossing the Interregnum of Elden Ring is not an easy task: in this guide we will discover which will be the best weapons that will give a significant enough twist to the gaming experience

Elden Ring, the latest title released by FromSoftware, has been released for less than a week and continues to grind incredible goals: not only has the game surpassed the 700 thousand users connected simultaneously on Steam at Day One, but it also found itself occupying 4 of the 5 positions on Steam among the best-selling video games of the week. The success of this new creation from Hidetaka Miyazaki makes Elden Ring the soulslike title with best pitch everand the appreciation given by critics and the general public is a demonstration of how this is not a coincidence at all, perhaps due to the popularity of souls games that have emerged in recent years.

Also, while presenting some profound differences with Miyazaki’s previous titles, Elden Ring remains a title strongly based on the soulslike gameplay, with the typical difficulty that has always accustomed his fans. This may perhaps discourage newcomers to the genre, who may end up intimidated by a rock so large to overcome. However, even for the new generation it is actually possible to make their way into Elden Ring, using the right tactics: one of these, will surely be getting their hands on the best weapons in the game.

A weapon to tame them

The world of Elden Ring is much larger than the works that precede it, and consequently also the number of loot and equipment that can be identified is far greater. During your journey in the adverse lands of the game, it will be possible to spend many hours exploring dungeons, fighting enemies and bosses, looking for objects and some new curiosities. To add variety to your style of play there will also be different types of weapons, ranging from an upgrade for the fists to the classic swords, or to mammoth weapons to unleash powerful attacks.

However, it must be remembered that even if a weapon inspires by its aesthetics, the abilities it possesses remain one of the prevailing points for one’s style of play. In fact, while it will be possible to obtain a lot of weapons, clothes, objects and so on, not all will prove to be valid or useful for our character’s journey. So, in case you are looking for the best weapons in Elden Ring, you will need to look for attention, since it is very rare tools and difficult to obtain. So let’s see which weapons to choose, depending on the type of combat you want to use.

The best Katana – Elden Ring: the best weapons

The katana might seem like an incompatible weapon to those who haven’t selected to go with the samurai class; yet, even for players who have chosen different paths there will be the opportunity to try one of the best weapons of Elden Ring, as well as more powerful and difficult to find. The katana in question is the Moonveil, found within the kingdom of Caelid in the Gael Tunnel, after defeating the Magma Wyvern. The tunnel is located on the border between Caelid and Limgrave, in the south-central area of ​​the Smoldering Church.

It is about an extremely strong katana, mostly for his War Ashes ability. In addition, with Transient Moonlight it is able to throw a bolt of light during heavy or light attacks, making it possible too unbalance and stun most enemies in one of the two slashes, thus allowing you to also give a critical hit.

Elden Ring: guide to the best weapons

Best Halberd – Elden Ring: Best Weapons

If you want a weapon capable of keep more enemies at baywho may try to use the number as a method to gain an advantage over the player, one of the best weapons that will be found in Elden Ring will be a halberd. Specifically, let’s talk about the‘halberd of the Bandit Knight, equipped with a decidedly wide range of action that will allow you to harvest entire groups without putting yourself in excessive danger, keeping at a safe distance. It possesses immense strength, and if accompanied by Rotating Shots War Ashes you can unleash powerful and unstoppable shots, also going to block any bullets.

The weapon in question can be found ina Whispering Peninsula di Castle Mourne: to get it you will have to kill an NPC, Edgar, present in one of the towers of the castle placed at the edges of the structure. At the start of the game, it will be a pretty tough fight, but not impossible. But be careful, since killing the character will end his questline.

Elden Ring: guide to the best weapons

Best Dagger – Elden Ring: Best Weapons

Among the best daggers to be found inside Elden Ring, Reduvia it looks like the most practical and manageable one. It will be found at the Murkwater Caverns, north of the area where you can attempt to defeat the Flying Dragon Agheel. You will need to head to the second half of the river to meet the Bloody Finger Invader Nerijus. If you can take him out, you can get your hands on his weapon. The dagger looks like a quick and solid dagger based on dexterity, and is also capable of “Shoot” blades of blood to stun and slash enemies, causing them a damage from Bleeding.

Elden Ring: guide to the best weapons

Best Punches – Cipher Pata

If you prefer to have “close contact” with the enemies you are going to kill, the Cipher Pata is one of the best weapons you can use on Elden Ring. It is a blade created with ancient symbols, applicable to your wrist and usable by throwing yourself forward, sinking it into your opponents. Clearly, there will be some rather complicated stakes to overcome in order to exploit this formidable weapon, as a compulsory level 30 of Faith difficult to obtain in the first run. In any case, it remains a more than useful weapon during the New Game Plus. To obtain it in the early stages of the game, it will be necessary to defeat the invader Alberich under the HUB of the Round Table.

Elden Ring: guide to the best weapons

Best Greatsword – Elden Ring: Best weapons

To wrap up this list of the best weapons to use in Elden Ring, we’ll end up with what it could be the biggest and most powerful sword in the whole game, together with the halberd mentioned above. If you manage to kill Leonine Misbegotten in Castle Morne, you can get it the Grafted Sword: Among the requirements for using this devastating weapon, there is an incredible amount of Strength (40 points)but on the other hand, it’s the least one might expect for a weapon of this thickness and power.

Elden Ring: guide to the best weapons

Let the dances begin

This was our guide to the best weapons you can find in Elden Ring during your own games. If you want to gain a significant advantage over your enemies, get your hands on these weapons it will be quite fundamentalbut remember that in Elden Ring there are numerous other equally interesting weapons to use, and limiting yourself only to the few listed in this guide could do not allow to fully experience the title by master Hidetaka Miyazaki. So, we suggest you try them all, and choose the ones that best suit your style of play. If you are interested in further guides about Elden Ring, on our site you can find how to use the Ashes of War, how to play in co-op and pvp, or various general tips to face your adventure.

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