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Elden Ring: here are the new 15 minutes of gameplay

Bandai Namco he just shared about 17 minutes of extended gameplay at the Elden Ring, the highly anticipated open world of FromSoftware coming next February. The information presented in this long video is really a lot, so let’s take a look at all the news that emerged during the presentation.

Elden Ring shows itself in a long gameplay trailer

The movie opened with a presentation of the game world, the Interegno, which in effect constitutes the entire game map of the title. In this initial section we see the playable character, also known as the Without Light, who explores various parts of the game universe on horseback. Let’s see the new ones checkpoint of Elden Ring, i Fragments of Grace, which act exactly like the Bonfires in the various Dark Souls.

A few frames later our hero is already fighting a huge one live, landed on the earth from above, which shows us how in Elden Ring many bosses are present directly in the world around us, and not relegated to specific arenas. These boss, like the wyvern in question, can be encountered during exploration as semi-random events, and can be tackled on horseback to keep up with their colossal size.

In the background there are also several towers, which in all likelihood will serve the player to get a more precise idea of ​​the point of the map in which it is located, perhaps even unlocking fragments of the same to be consulted freely from the menu.

Just the map is configured as a pleasant addition to the gameplay, but in this new title from FromSoftware will even set some markers and gods to do to make sure you don’t miss a thing and know where our target is at all times. In pure style metroidvania therefore, not to mention that it really looks gigantic and full of secrets to discover.

NPC e stealth

Obviously there is no shortage of NPC iconic and charismatic that have always characterized the saga. In this trailer we see a cute pot man, whom the player character helps to get back on his feet after the latter is trapped in a hole in the ground. This character reminded us in personality Sigmayer of the first Dark Souls, an element that made us smile.

During the exploration shown it is also clearly seen that the game weather will be dynamic, with unique interactions depending on the type of atmospheric condition in effect. For example, in the excerpt of gamplay that we have seen you can see lightning and thunderbolts, and it is reasonable to think that we can somehow influence the point where they hit the ground.

Elden Ring gameplay

As we had already seen in several trailers, the game will also be tackled in stealth, using dedicated tools such as sleep arrows, able to put enemies to sleep and make them vulnerable to very powerful critical hits, capable of killing them on the spot.

The addition of some species of evocations, useful to distract the enemies and to give us a hand in battle. It is currently unclear what these creatures are related to, whether to objects or spells, the certain thing is that they seem really effective in dealing with the aggro of groups of enemies.


The next step is entirely dedicated to multiplayer, which looks very similar to what was seen in Dark Souls. The two characters were able to explore the length and breadth of the game map, eventually meeting a fearsome boss on horseback, which they faced using nothing short of spectacular magic.

The action then passes to a dungeon, presumably optional, in which the presence of the illusory walls is confirmed, which must be destroyed by hitting them with our weapons. A mechanic that fans took for granted, but which is nice to have confirmed.

Melina e Legacy Dungeon

The last part of the video is dedicated to Melina and to one of the Legacy Dungeon of the game. Melina is none other than our main ally in this adventure, who takes the place of the Guardian of Fire or the Maiden in Black. The hope is that this time this helper character can have a more active role in the course. of events, and not a simple NPC able to level us up.

Finally we were able to take a look at one of the Legacy Dungeons, or the strongholds of the main bosses of the game and which also play an important role in fiction. These places seem extremely large and full of traps of all sorts, not to mention the focus on verticality and hidden streets that can be seen thanks to the walks on the roofs that the protagonist of the video performs.

Elden Ring gameplay

As a final treat, Bandai allowed us to take a small look at the bossfight against one of the Lords, real demigods who rules the entire world. The one shown is a creature to say the least grotesque, full of limbs everywhere and even able to use a dragon head instead of the left arm to roast us well.

The gameplay trailer dedicated to Elden Ring, in short, does not skimp on details and we invite you to take a look at us firsthand to catch them all.

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