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Elden Ring: Here’s how to unlock fast travel

The latest work From Software offers a rich and immersive open world. In order not to get lost in the maze of the interregnum, let’s see how to unlock the fast travel in the Elden Ring

The open world of Elden Ring is one of the best experiences a player can have in the modern gaming landscape. From the vast dungeons that make up the Interregnum territory, to the multiple enemies lurking around every corner, there’s nothing like exploring the meticulously designed world by From Software. Like any self-respecting open world, an important part of the gameplay is represented by the system traversing. Also in Elden Ring we can choose whether to cross the map with our feet or whether to rely on ours steed that will magically appear at our every call. However, the game also allows for quick travel. For this, we find out how to unlock the fast travel in Elden Ring.

Run-in mechanics

the map of Elden Ring does not admit mistakes, it is often normal in this genus videogame being in a zone with enemies above the our level. Right now the only thing we want is escape get out of trouble as quickly as possible. Or as an alternative, runalways as fast as possible, towards one new location to explore. Either way, in Elden Ring you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the fast travel whenever it you want. This valuable option is available from early stages of game. Unlike other titles, therefore, you won’t have to wait hours and hours of gameplay to travel comfortably from one side to the other. In this regard, here’s how to unlock immediately on fast travel in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Here's how to unlock fast travel

Places of Grace – Elden Ring: How to Unlock Fast Travel

the system travel in the Elden Ring is a lot similar to that of many other titles a open world. Once you have finished the first phase “tutorial“Initial, the game will open and you can explore all theInterregnum at your leisure. You will notice immediately, once you step outside there first timethe first Place of Grace. The places of Grace replace the better known ones bonfire, checkpoint for other Souls Like titles. Sitting down and activating the feeble ones flames yellowwe can restore ours parameters vital, as well as filling ours flasks and level up our character. These places are moreover i points prepared for quick travel.

Elden Ring: Here's how to unlock fast travel

Some limitations – Elden Ring: how to unlock fast travel

As you find the Places of Grace as you progress through the game, you are going to build one complex network dedicated to quick travel that will connect more or less all areas of the map. The only one exception to this system lies in the fact that you will not be able to use it when you are inside any of any dungeon. To do this you will therefore have to go out and go to the first Place of Grace you meet outside. To make the fast journey what you need to do is to open your map game (“G” if played on PC).

Elden Ring: Here's how to unlock fast travel

A tip from the developers – Elden Ring: how to unlock fast travel

Once the map is open, go with the cursor on any Place of Grace that you have visited, you will recognize it immediately, and look inside low on your screen. The first option is just “Travel“. Press it and you will immediately find yourself in the chosen place. Although the developers have suggested to non players to abuse too much of the fast travel and exploring the huge game map as much as possible with the own legsthe fast travel option is still valid instrument in each player’s toolbox. Also and above all for those interested in backtracking.

Elden Ring: Here's how to unlock fast travel

What types of players are you?

We have seen in this guide how to unlock the fast travel in the new title From Elden Ring. Now it’s your turn, let us know in comments if you are among those players who love hike and move with your own means to discover the mapor if you are so anxious to reach a certain place that you cannot do without fast travel. We remind everyone that Elden Ring is available for the console of new e old generation, as well as obviously on PC. For more tips on the title, read our guides.

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