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Elden Ring: how to use the Ashes

In this guide we will provide you with a series of practical tips on how to best use War Ashes in the brand new Elden Ring

If in these days you have decided to begin your personal exploration of the Interregnum, we are here to help you. From Software’s brand new and highly anticipated title has finally made its debut on consoles and PC, with its load of new mechanics that players will have to learn to deal with if they want to take home skin as they explore. dark game world. So here are some tips on how to best use War Ashes in Elden Ring.

Fire to fire …

If you are a beginner with Soulslike you may find yourself blown away by the many mechanics that this genre of titles requires to master. Elden Ring is certainly no exception, and you’ll need to learn how to best use the items and equipment you get, such as War Ashes. The latter play multiple roles, among which one of the most important is certainly that of activating special skills in the armament that you will come into possession of. They will also be useful in developing affinity for weapons, and therefore it will be essential to put them to good use to increase your chances of survival.

Elden Ring: how to use the Ashes

Power – Elden Ring: how to use Ashes

As anticipated in the previous paragraph, War Ashes are a novelty introduced in Elden Ring, and using them allows you to activate special abilities on your weapons. You will be able to recover the ashes from some enemies, as well as from the scarabs you will come across during your adventure. It will also be possible to buy them from a special merchant located at the Rocca Della Tavola Rotonda.

To use the Ashes you will first need to have them in your inventory, and then go to a site of grace, equipped with a Sharpening Knife (found at the Gatefront Ruins). In the menu that appears, you can choose which armament to apply the upgrade to. In fact, it will be possible to see what type of skill will be added to the weapon we have chosen before proceeding, as well as the changes to the affinity that will be applied if we decide to confirm the upgrade.

Elden Ring: how to use the Ashes

Ed Affinity – Elden Ring: how to use the Ashes

The weapons, in Elden Ring, have a stat that, as already mentioned, can be more or less changed if you decide to use the Ashes of War. This statistic must be taken into consideration in relation to those of our character, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the paraphernalia. Matching a character with a good Strength statistic to a weapon with a high affinity for it will be much more effective in combat. For more information on statistics, you can find our in-depth guide at this link.

It should be remembered that different types of Ashes will allow different types of changes to the statistics of the weapons, so it is very important to take into account the affinity level of the Ashes in relation to that of the paraphernalia in our possession. In conclusion, by making a careful choice of the resources at your disposal, you can in this way customize the weapons obtained and make them more suited to the needs of your character.

Elden Ring: how to use the Ashes

… Ashes to ashes

As we have had the opportunity to learn more about in this guide, War Ashes are a very precious object, the use of which could make the difference between life and death during clashes. Our advice is therefore to prepare yourself properly before facing a new enemy, always remaining ready for anything. We also advised you to consult our dedicated guide, if you are looking for other tips and tricks to better prepare you for your adventure in the Interregnum.

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