Elden Ring: One player finished it in under an hour

Uno speedrunner ha finito Elden Ring in meno di un’ora thumbnail

A real record for LilAggy, a speed runner who managed to finish Elden Ring in 59 minutes and 38 seconds, the first to complete the game in less than an hour.

Elden Ring: new world record for speed runner LilAggy

It was enough 59 minutes and 38 seconds a LilAggy to complement the latest popular title from FromSoftware. It is no coincidence that the user is renowned for being a speed runner, a term used to indicate players known for their ability to finish games in a short time. The player, who already holds similar records in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, became the first in the world to complete Elden Ring in less than an hour. All this took place during a 14-hour live stream on Twitch, where LilAggy, after several attempts, managed to beat the final boss. To do this, the streamer used several shortcuts to cut unnecessary steps as much as possible. Definitely a planned goal, as it is necessary to establish a very specific game plan, to get ready and quickly to the final battle.

Before him, the record belonged to the user nico bellic, who had finished the game in just over two and a half hours earlier in the week. One wonders if LilAggy’s record is now going to last or some other user will be able to beat 59:38. It looks like the Olympics. It looks like Marcel Jacobs, but no: it is the wonderful world of gaming.

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