Elden Ring: The best weapons to be found in Sepolcride

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Elden Ring is a complex game and as such must be faced with a good arsenal to rely on, so we have decided to bring you a small guide on how to find the better and stronger weapons than Sepulcride. Although Sepolcride is the first area of ​​the game, in fact, it is still very dense with equipment and, by exploring properly, it is possible to get hold of some really interesting weapons capable of adapting to different types of builds, remaining valid at the beginning. as to the end of the game.

Elden Ring: Sepolcride’s best weapons


Let’s start with a historical weapon of the Souls, that is l’Ichigatana. This weapon has always been very solid in games FromSoftwareand in Elden Ring it surprised us positively due to the versatility of its moveset and the attacks added to its move park, which make it an offensive tool suitable for practically any occasion.

As if that were not enough, it is a weapon capable of inflicting bleeding, an element that together with the excellent scaling in dexterity that it owns makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to use a build based on this attribute. Not to mention that playing it with various ashes of war it is very satisfying indeed. If you didn’t start with the samurai anyway, you can find one in the deadly catacombs in a balcony with archer skeletons.

Scourge of the Night Knights

Let’s stay in the weapons dexterity bleeding to talk briefly about the Scourge of the Night Knightsa flail that will be given to us as a reward after defeating the night knight who roams near the castle of Morne, but only during the night.

The boss is not difficult to defeat, and his weapon is very interesting, as it is an interesting specimen that makes blunt damage, it has a good basic attack, it inflicts bleeding and on top of that it is customizable in terms of special ability. In short, if you want to try this new category of Elden Ring weapons, the Scourge is undoubtedly an excellent entry point.


But how can we forget one of the most iconic weapons of all the Souls, namely the Claymorewhich of course is also not lacking in the Elden Ring and is practically located at the beginning of Morne Castle. But does it live up to its previous incarnations?

Well the answer is yes, as it still does some really significant damage to anything that moves, and as always benefits greatly from any kind of physical infusion in the game, be it strength, dexterity or both, with that of quality. Without doubt one of the best weapons in Elden Ring in its own right.

Elden Ring better weapons

And there really isn’t much more to say about this weapon, other than that it is great and that it might help you if you are looking for an offensive tool with a well-rounded park, as it has wide-ranging thrusts and thrusts. If you are doing a physical build consider it, you will hardly regret it, also because its already varied moveset of her can be further enhanced by the ashes of war

Twin blade

Then we have the Double Blade, a class of weapons that comes directly from Dark Souls 2 and the first copy of which is found in the Ruins Burned by Dragons. The other weapons in this category are found much later in the game; so if you want to use one, this will be your best option for quite some time.

Elden Ring better weapons

In any case, this dual is not at all disappointing, on the contrary, it behaves very well until you reach its most interesting variants. Basically it is a dexterity weapon with a very fun moveset to use. We recommend it if you want to use something different than usual, just be careful since the two-handed moveset takes much longer than you would think at first.

Meteorite staff

The next point on the list is a stick and a sorcery, both of which are very good additions that can be recovered practically right away in the game, even if you have to know where to look and where to go. The first step to recovering them is to fall into the transfer trap in the Burned Dragon Ruinsto end up immediately in the Crystal Galleries of Sellia. From here you will have to exit very carefully into the lands of Aeonia and make your way up to the Ruins of the Via dei Saggi, which are on the opposite side of the swamp.

3948589 elder ring meteorite staff

Be very careful to skirt the edges of the area though, as you will be cutting in the middle you could be invasion from an NPC, and you don’t want to run out of torrent amidst all this scarlet rot at a supposedly low level. In any case, once you reach the ruins, the Meteorite Staff is found inside the remains of a watchtower, while the magic, Rocky Projection, you can find it inside a small crypt a little further on.

The combo of these two items is quite devastating at the start of the game, and you will find yourself doing some really considerable damage. Ideal if you are looking for an upgrade to your magical arsenal.

Deicide seal

But since we have seen a catalyst for sorcery I would say to do the same for spells related to the faith statistic instead. So I’d say we get an easy-to-recover sacred seal to cast just those spells. Getting it is pretty simple: just go to Great Storm Castle and follow the main road until you come to a large barricaded square crammed with soldiers.

Elden Ring All Imp Statue White Fog Barrier Locations and Their Item Rewards

Near one of the walls you will find a road that goes down with rats and a door closed by a stone key. Open it and in one of the two trunks you will find the Deicidal Seal, an excellent seal which also enhances a certain type of very particular enchantments. But beware, this seal requires a whopping 27 to faith to be used, which makes it ideal only if you intend to invest a lot of points in this statistic.

Tusk of the Limiere

And it’s time to talk about special weapons, starting with Limiere’s Fang, a curved greatsword that you will surely have come across, given that the knight locked up in the eternal prison near Lake Agheel will give it to us as a reward. In practice it is an excellent dexterity weapon and, as if that were not enough, we are also faced with aspecial skill really noteworthy, as it consists of a backward dodge hit, followed by a sprint forward with final attack.

Elden Ring better weapons

Basically if you learn how to use it well it is perfectly usable as an alternative dodge, doing a lot of damage in the process. The icing on the cake in all of this is that it even causes bleeding.

Greatsword Of The Geared Blade

Moving on to the other side of the physical builds, i.e. those strength, a great special weapon, (as well as among the best weapons in Elden Ring in general) that you get relatively early in the game is the Greatsword of the Grafted Bladewhich can be recovered by killing the final boss of Morne Castle, the same place where we also found our trusty Claymore.

Elden Ring Grafted Blade Greatsword Guide Equipped

This sword requires well 40 strengths to be wielded, but if you decide to use it two-handed, 27 will be enough. Anyway, its real selling point is the special ability, which enhances all attributes for about 30 or 40 seconds. Specifically, in this time frame all our attributes will be raised by 5, giving us a huge momentary level up in practice.

Alabarda Dorata

If, on the other hand, what you are doing is one build fede we have two options for you. The first is suitable for faith strength builds, although to be honest it draws its damage almost entirely from the strength stat: I’m talking about theAlabarda Dorata, that we can get by killing the tree sentry just outside the tomb we exit at the beginning of the game.

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Boss

This weapon also requires remarkable features, but it is absolutely worth it, given that even without any enhancement it does very high damage, with also a very varied range of moves to further enhance the whole. Also in this case we find an excellent special ability to make the package even more fascinating, that is Golden ratingwhich increases the wielder’s and allies’ attack and defense for a set amount of time.

Winged sickle

The Winged Scythe is another of those weapons that are very easy to recover but are also extremely effective in terms of damage. This scythe can be found in a crypt near the Ruins of the Sepulcher Guard, south of Sepolcride, and it is a weapon that scales almost entirely in faith, unlike the halberd from before.


Therefore, ideal for pure faith builds, this weapon also has a very particular weapon art that does a lot of damage and prevents the enemy from healing himself with ampoules, if he were able to. It could therefore be great in PvP, if you are interested in invading someone, but in general it is a great weapon in PvE too, given the enormous sacred damage combined with the possibility of inflicting bleeding on the enemy.

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