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Elgato Facecam Pro: here is the first 4K60 webcam in the world

Elgato presented Facecam Pro, the world’s first webcam with 4K resolution at 60 fps. Let’s find out together in this article

Elgatoa leading provider of hardware and software for content creators, presented Facecam Prothe first webcam to boast a 4K capture system at 60 frames per second. Equipped with an excellent Sony sensorand wide angle lens with adjustable focusa revolutionary image processor and built-in flash memory, this professional webcam with plug-and-play configuration allows content creators to create video in UHD quality without the need for expensive equipment and elaborate video systems.

Everything we know about the new Elgato Facecam Pro

This new webcam uses a 21mm f / 2.0 Elgato professional lens with auto focuswhich can be adjusted manually by adopting an incredible depth of field starting from a value of 10 cm. The shooting angle up to 90 degrees enables professional-quality shooting for long shots or group video calls. Thanks to the large area of ​​the sensor from SONY STARVIS 1 / 1.8 ″you can capture images with exceptional detail, even when using effects such as pan, tilt and zoom, or when the lighting is not optimal.

Elgato Facecam Pro: here is the first 4K60 webcam in the world

Complete the state-of-the-art performance kit of this webcam the latest model of Elgato processor, an extremely powerful chip for encoding and streaming 4K60 video via USB 3.0 with ultra low latency. In addition to instant brightness correction, automatic noise reduction and a host of computational functions, Elgato’s optimized sensor is capable of deliver phenomenal video quality in any situation. Julian Festsenior vice president and general manager of Elgato, said the following:

The launch of Facecam last year represented for us the first step to raise the qualitative, technological and performance level of traditional webcams. Facecam Pro represents a leap forward. We didn’t just want to create another webcam. Our goal was instead to create an innovative and superior quality video camera, with plug-and-play connectivity and an extraordinary video sector. Thanks to our other solutions such as, EpocCam, Cam Link 4K, Cam Link Pro and Facecam, we are now able to offer an incredible suite of solutions for any need of any content creator, smart working employee and even video industry professionals.

The company is able to offer an exemplary software-optimized user experience through further software development Elgato Camera Hub. This grants the user access to advanced features typical of SLR cameras, including field of view management, lighting, exposure and white balance adjustment.

In addition, cinematic PTZ effects, such as “pan”, “tilt” and “zoom”, can be applied without creating an annoying pixel effect: all this thanks to Facecam Pro’s powerful ISP NAND sensor. In addition, each content creator equipped with a GPU GeForce RTX will be able to take advantage of the integration with NVIDIA Broadcastwhich allows you to use AI-powered effects, such as background replacement and blurring.

Elgato Facecam Pro: here is the first 4K60 webcam in the world

Facecam Pro is equipped with a practical and resistant screen holder with 1/4 ″ threaded fittings to connect the webcam to Elgato Multi Mount or any compatible tripod. A handy USB-C to USB-C cable is also included. You can purchase this webcam immediately through Elgato and Corsair’s international network of authorized resellers and distributors at RRP of 349.99 €.

For more details, please refer to the official product page. What do you think of this new webcam? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news related to the hardware universe and beyond, keep following the pages of everything!

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