Elgato: Light Strip and Wave Panels to enhance home studios

Elgato: Light Strip e Wave Panels per migliorare gli home studio

Elgato has recently presented the Light Strips and Wave Panels, the latest in home studios. Let’s take a closer look at these products

Always The cat is at the forefront of providing hardware and software for content creators. Thanks to his support we can enjoy the broadcasts of our idols to the fullest. Today the company unveiled two new product lines to help these professionals customize their workstations. Let’s go and discover the new ones Light Strip e Wave Panels by Elgato and see how they will affect home studios.

Elgato Light Strips and Elgato Wave Panels arrive in home studios

Elgato Light Strip allows you to easily control the ambient lighting of RGBWW LEDs via app. These devices are capable of emit 16 million colors and have a wide range of brightness and color temperature that can be adjusted to give the station the perfect design. Formed by 108 bright RGBWW LEDs, some of which are specifically dedicated to the emission of cold or warm white light. This way the device can play a wider color gamut and temperature than that of RGB or RGBW LEDs.

The slim and flexible profile together with the solid Tesa adhesive backing that can adhere to most surfaces allow you to easily install the Light Strips in the workplace or in an existing studio. The intensity of the light beam is fully adjustable and can emit fino a 2.000 lumen in color temperatures from 3,500 to 6,500K. All settings can be controlled via the free app available for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android. Like most Elgato products, deep integration with Elgato Stream Deck allows instant lighting control and advanced audiovisual automation at the touch of a single button.

Elgato Wave Panels are composed of two layers of polystyrene to reduce echo and reverberation. They are easily mounted on the walls in modular hexagonal panels. The panels optimize the audio quality of live broadcasts and recordings, while enhancing the look of the studio. The two-layer polystyrene structure helps reduce echo and reverberation, ensuring a flawless broadcast and listening experience.

The hexagonal profile and the patented EasyClick frames allow you to easily connect several panels together Wave Panels to create unique configurations, while the included Tesa adhesive strips, optional screws and wall anchors allow you to install, remove and move them effortlessly. Available in multiple colors to be juxtaposed and matched to personalize the environment even more, Wave Panels improve the home studio making the sound and appearance more professional.

In addition to satisfying the need to illuminate the streaming station and improve the acoustics of the studio, Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels offer new ways to personalize the environment and contents. The products are already available for purchase with a recommended price of € 59.99 with regard to the Light Strips e € 119.99 the Wave Panels starter set. What do you think of these new products? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the electronic and hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of techgameworld.com!

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