ELIMOBILE, the first all-Italian social mobile operator, is coming

In arrivo ELIMOBILE, il primo social mobile operator tutto italiano thumbnail

And Monday 16 May will be active DRIEDthe first social mobile operator Italian, which integrates innovation, technology and metaverse into a complete and one-of-a-kind offer. Let’s find out together the new idea of ​​a telephone company, born and entirely developed in Italy.

The offer of Elimobile, the first Italian social mobile operator

The Elimobile offer stands out for the competitive costi giga previsti in the plans, the qualityl’exclusivity of services and coverage of the 99.7% on the national territory. Elimobile users, whatever proposal they choose, have guaranteed access to the community Elisium and an exclusive service package:

  • Call Center without waiting completely Italian;
  • Elicoin: virtual currency;
  • Run With Me: wellness application;
  • Concierge service: it allows you to do everything, from ordering a pizza, buying a plane ticket to booking services for the home;
  • Go Tourist (coming soon): provides a travel assistant who selects and tells the main attractions.

Below are the different offer options, with the possibility of modifying it and upgrading and downgrading at any time:

  • Easy for € 6.99 per month: 100 GB and unlimited minutes;
  • Elite for € 9.99 per month: 150 GB and unlimited minutes;
  • Elite X 12 for € 95.99 a year: 120 GB and unlimited minutes.

One of the biggest innovations proposed by Elimobile is the platform Elisium. It’s about a community rich in digital content exclusive starring celebrities and content creators: from the TV series by Maccio Capatonda to the football academy directed by Alessandro Del Piero.

There is also a section dedicated to video lessons and there 360 ° training tutorial: how to become TikToker, learn to play the guitar, become an Excel expert, foreign language courses, make-up artist and much more. Elisium is a colleague of Elivisionl’app per smart tv which allows you to view video content on the TV screen as well.

Elicoin, the virtual currency

The Elicoins are one virtual currency that you earn accumulating points and allow users to take advantage of many advantages within the Elisium community. Among them we find the possibility to purchase exclusive contents, docu-series, virtual masterclass, live experience and even telephone top-up.

Based on the offer purchased, it is possible to purchase Elicoin ad each monthly renewalactivating the automatic recharge, bringing friends to Elimobile and taking advantage of the Run with Me service.

To complete their experience, users will also be able to access some Live Experienceaccessible through the app Elisium, thanks to which they will have the opportunity to meet celebrities, influencers and creators live to share time with them in different ways. For more information you can consult the official site.

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