Elle Fanning will appear in Kojima Productions’ next game

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It seems that the Maleficent actress, Elle Fanningwill appear in the next game developed by Kojima Productionsas confirmed by the company al PAX Australia 2022. Here are all the details.

Elle Fanning will appear in Kojima Productions’ next game

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Kojima Productions started making the name of Elle Fanning during the Tokyo Game Show 2022, where the developer’s booth featured the portrait of a woman with her face hidden and the question “Who am I?”

Earlier this week, the founder of Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima in person, he began to tease the audience again and talked about the portrait again. She then later stated: “The answer to ‘CHI’ of the Tokyo Game Show will be in the next ‘DOVE’“. The next day she continued with the question: “Where am I?”.

The “where” turned out to be the PAX Australia 2022. The scan a QR code accompanying the portrait “Where Am I?” of a second woman with her face hidden exposed to the event leads to a new image that confirms Elle Fanning as the woman in the first portrait. On the side of the portrait of the unveiled actress it reads “A game by Hideo Kojima x Elle Fanning”.

At the moment Kojima has not yet announced anything about his new project although, after the rumors that they wanted him to work on an Xbox exclusive, his studio has assured players that it will keep a very strong relationship with PlayStation.

According to the actor Norman Reedushowever, Death Stranding 2 it is currently in the initial production phase, although it is possible that the studio has in the works more titles. The studio’s latest title, Death Stranding, originally came out in November 2019 for PS4, before hitting PC and PS5 as Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.