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Elmec Solar highlights three myths about photovoltaics to dispel

Elmec Solar he identified three myths to dispel about the energy of the sun and the role of photovoltaics for companies during the energy crisis. There are, in fact, various factors that make photovoltaics effective in this historical moment, especially for companies. In fact, for industrial plants, costs can be amortized over a period of 4/6 years with a useful life of over 40 years. From the very first bills it is possible to obtain a net saving on electricity that will be clean and sustainable.

The myths to dispel about photovoltaics for companies according to Elmec Solar

The first myth to dispel is the impact on the income statement of the investment in photovoltaics. In fact, Elmec Solar emphasizes that construction costs are amortized in the first 4-6 years and that a plant can have a life cycle of 40 years, also guaranteeing immediate benefits. Another myth to dispel is directly related to the first. Photovoltaic systems would become obsolete and unusable in a short time. Elmec Solar, on the other hand, emphasizes that current technologies are reliable and require very little maintenance. Another myth to dispel concerns the fact that theand companies cannot meet their energy needs with renewable sources. In this case, it is necessary to reckon between energy needs and available space. In any case, even covering a fraction of the requirement it is still a good investment.

Elmec Solar’s comment

Alessandro Villa, CEO of Elmec Solar and Member of the Council of Italia Solare, he stresses: “We need to change the basic concept of energy supply; we must untie ourselves from fossil sources that are finished, which are not sustainable. Renewables create new opportunities for research, work, construction of new production initiatives in Europe to make us strategically more independent; to revolutionize the concept of the city, of mobility:

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