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Elon Musk founds X.Ai to compete with ChatGPT

The success, but also the controversies, of ChatGPT do not leave indifferent Elon Musk, which he officially founded X.Aia new company aiming to enter the burgeoning artificial intelligence market.

The choice of the letter X of the name, always present in the tycoon’s projects, is not too surprising. And so, after SpaceX, Twitter XCorp e X (name of his seventh son) comes X.Ai.

With X.Ai, Musk seems to openly challenge OpenAi, his other creature from which he distanced himself before it gave the world ChatGPT, the most popular conversational chatbot based on artificial intelligence.

What we know about X.Ai: Elon Musk’s answer to ChatGPT

In reality, very little is known about X.Ai. We know that it was founded in March in Nevada, where Twitter’s registered office is now also located, and that it will be available am 10,000 GPU to power its intelligent software.

Nothing, when it comes to Elon Musk, is ever left to chance. And if the X’s fanaticism in his name seems over the top, certainly no less can be said for the timing of her actions. A few weeks ago Musk, together with a thousand other entrepreneurs, signed an open letter in which he expressed his views concerns about OpenA’s ChatGPTthe. The summary was: they are dangerous technologies for the future of humanity.

It is therefore difficult to believe that the new company does not actually aim to position itself on the thriving AI market, precisely at a time when ChatGPT is being targeted by legislators. According to The Republic, Musk has already hired Igor Babuschkin e Manuel Crossboth coming from DeepMind, the AI ​​branch of Alphabet (the parent company of Google) for this new war of artificial intelligences.

Meanwhile, just today, rumors of strict regulation of AIs have reached the European Parliament.

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