Elon Musk has asked in a poll whether he should step down as CEO of Twitter

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After the one-sided ban controversies of the past few days, Musk has apologized to users of Twitter and promised that all major platform changes will first be put to a vote. And the first decision to be made through poll it’s really about the possibility of call for the resignation of Elon Musk as CEO of Twitter. And for the time being, it seems to be whoever wants the platform owner to give up being the winner.”Chief Twit“.

Elon Musk ready to step down as Twitter CEO if poll decides so

Even before buying the company, Elon Musk had assured (even in court) that he would not remain CEO of Twitter for long. The position was meant to be temporary, ideally to make the platform more competitive quickly and then find a CEO who would follow the virtuous path he started. However, things didn’t go quite like thatand the events of the last few days seem to have accelerated things.

Musk immediately fired just under three quarters of the company, increased from 7,500 to approximately 2,000 employees. Reduced moderation and launched a new version of theTwitter Blue subscriptionwhich by putting the blue badge up for sale created a lot of problems: this led several advertisers to leave Twitter.

However, the scandal of the last few days has displeased several Twitter users, including Musk’s supporters. The billionaire first banned the account @ElonJetwho posts the position of his private plane, after changing the policies to make this practice illegal on Twitter. Then it has journalists’ accounts suspended who had linked to this resource, in a disputed move: when asked in a poll whether it should readmit them, the answer “Immediately” won in two consecutive polls.

The apologies, the resignations, the rationalizations

After this story, in which Musk had to contend with a popular opinion contrary to his own, the billionaire promised to change his strategy. Tweet: “From now on, there will be a vote for every major policy change“.

Il first poll reads “Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will respect any results of this survey.” As of this writing, yes it seems win with 56% of over 15 million votes. Given the large number of Twitter users, that could change: it will close in the next couple of hours.

elon musk caos twitter

After this post, it appears that Elon Musk has started rationalizing his resignation from Twitter a few hours early. He wrote: “As the adage goes, be careful what you wish for, because you might get itor”. And she took on messianic tones by writing “Those who want power are those who least deserve it“.

The Tesla Spectrum

But no rationalization of this decision would seem more important than the value of Tesla’s shares. Musk, which has recently sold 3.4 billion shares of the companysaw the other company of which he is CEO (and on whose value a large part of his fortune depends) lose 50% of its value over the course of a year. So much so that Musk is no longer the richest man in the world, replaced at the top by Bernard Arnault.

And it seems that the time Musk spends managing Twitter is making Tesla investors impatient. As Reuters reports, Tesla’s third individual investor, KoGuan Leo, tweeted “Elon exited esla and Tesla doesn’t have a CEO at work” and more recently “I hope Elon finds a new Twitter CEO quickly.”

So it seems that both Twitter users and Tesla investors want Musk to leave the Twitter offices and leave the management of the social network to another person. It remains to be evaluated whether Musk will manage to stay away from his latest acquisition, which he not only manages but also uses a great deal. We’ll know soon (survey expires in two hours), and we’ll keep you posted.

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