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Elon Musk is impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Elon Musk returns to be talked about and for once it is not about Twitterbut of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and its incredible zoom a 100x.

Why Elon Musk was impressed by the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

In recent months we have learned to know and appreciate one of the smartphones of 2023, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Equipped with main camera from 200 MP and a fantastic zoomwe don’t struggle to believe that even the CEO of Twitter and owner of Tesla and SpaceX was amazed by the performance of this device.

It all started thanks to a video published by the web producer Marques Brownlee and from the framing of one of the most difficult subjects to photograph and film with a smartphone: the Luna.

Brownlee, in a video of just 14 seconds, tested the 100x zoom of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, photographing our satellite in all its glory. The photo appears to be taken with a professional camera judging by the result.

And it is therefore not surprising to read the “Wow” published by Elon Musk among the comments.

Not only is Brownlee’s video a perfect advertisement for this incredible smartphone, but certainly Musk’s comment could entice more than one user to proceed with the purchase.

Also, not least, the same American division of Samsung she in turn replied to the tweet, proving to be proud of the results achieved with a smartphone that will surely make the competition sweat a lot.

The characteristics of the telephoto lenses of the Galaxy S23

Among its amazing features, the Galaxy S23 Ultra fits well two telephoto lenses, each with 10MP resolution, Dual Pixel PDAF and optical stabilisation. The aperture of one telephoto lens achieves an optical zoom at 3x, while the second has an optical zoom at 10x. Together the two telephoto lenses can capture photos and videos with 100x zoom.

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