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Elon Musk says he will meet with Tim Cook to cut commission on the App Store

Elon Musk is again lobbying for changes to Apple App Store Policies: through a tweet, Musk has announced his intention to speak with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEOregarding the adjustment of the 30% commission that the Cupertino company charges on in-app purchases.

Elon Musk wants to meet Tim Cook for the App Store commission

Musk has complained about Apple’s commission in the past. But with the rollout of creator-directed subscription models, things are back. The company receives no portion of subscription revenue for the first 12 months. And subsequently takes 10% of subscription revenue once the $100,000 mark is crossed.

Musk’s request is to get Apple to take only a portion of the revenue creators pay Twitter, instead of the full 30% of subscription fees. This change would allow creators to keep a higher percentage of their revenue, without reducing Twitter’s share (X).

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Musk’s request has gained the support of many Twitter users, who expressed the opinion that Apple’s 30% commission is too high and that the company should reduce it.

Musk’s call for a reform of the App Store fee rules fits into a larger context. Companies like Epic Games and Spotify have already challenged Apple’s grip on app distribution. Regulators in Japan and the UK have lobbied for the company to ease restrictions.

It remains to be seen whether the meeting between Musk and Cook can change anything. Or, indeed, if there will be.

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