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Elon Musk sells Tesla stock for $ 4 billion after buying Twitter

Two weeks after the acquisition of Twitter for a whopping 44 billion dollars, Elon Musk has now implemented a massive sale of Tesla stock.

A move that follows what he had already done in April, when, however, the company’s shares were worth much more.

Tesla: Elon Musk sells 19.5 billion shares

Three documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (via Techcrunch) confirm that the SpaceX CEO would sell 19.5 million Tesla sharesfor a total value of approx $ 3.95 billion. At the moment, the billionaire has not specified whether the maneuver is linked to the exaggerated purchase of Twitter, but it is easy to assume so.

It is certainly not a new move for Elon Musk, who had already sold last April 9.6 million Tesla shares. At the time the value of each share was approximately $ 885.42 and the total proceeds had been $ 8.5 billion.

Now Musk would sell the shares to a average price of $ 202.56. Tesla is currently trading at $ 191.30 at the close of the markets (after hours).

In the meantime, the controversy surrounding Twitter has not subsided. Since Elon Musk announced the recent and controversial maneuvers, several users have decided to leave the platform. Many are moving en masse to Mastodon, while others have found themselves with the profile blocked.

Among the most controversial maneuvers of Elon Musk there are certainly the intention of wanting to introduce the verification of the paid profile and the dismissal of about 50% of employees. Furthermore, Musk announced and implemented the suspension of accounts for anyone impersonating someone else on the platform. A measure that has already affected some celebrities of the show such as Kathy Griffin, SarahSilverman, RichSommer and the former NFL star Chris Kluwe.

Even the supermodel Gigi Hadid recently made it known that he had left the platform. In a story on her Instagram profile (via NME) she described Twitter as a “cesspool of hatred and bigotry”, specifying that everything has gotten worse since there is “the new leadership”.

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