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Elon Musk suggests bringing Vine back to life

Elon Musk has owned Twitter for just three days, and has already made tons of changes that could change the future of the platform forever. Among these, one most of all seems to have attracted attention. On Sunday evening, with a tweet posted on his profile, Musk launched a follower survey to find out if bring the Vine App back to life, the popular precursor of TikTok. There are two options available to users, “Yes” or “No”, and the survey will expire on Halloween night. Are you curious to know what the result will be?

Vine: Will Elon Musk bring the App back?

Right now, Twitter’s poll on the alleged return of the Vine App boasts the 69.4% yes and the 30.6% of no. This means that, if the results close this way, Elon Musk should be able to do something to bring the TikTok precursor back to life – assuming the poll wasn’t just a way to stir things up around Twitter. For those who remember, Vine was officially launched in 2013, only to be closed in 2016, when Twitter decided to turn the App into a video content archive. Then, in 2019, the application was put up offline forever.

Yet Vine has remained in the hearts of users. The YouTuber MrBeast, for example, he intervened on Musk’s poll commenting: “If I did that and really competed with Tik Tok, it would be hilarious.” A challenge that the new “Chief Twit ‘seems to have seized on the fly:“ What we could do to make it better than TikTok “, he declared. And here Elon Musk immediately finds himself planning the restoration of a “dead” video app for some time in the company of a series of users on Twitter, the platform he has just acquired. And no wonder. In fact, we wouldn’t even be surprised if the entrepreneur really managed to bring the Vine App back to life. After all, so far, the poll is clear.

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