Elon Musk vuole rivoluzionare i DM di Twitter introducendo messaggi vocali e crittografia thumbnail

Elon Musk wants to revolutionize Twitter DMs with voice messages and encryption

After the controversies, the layoffs and the massive migration (of employees first and then of members), Elon Musk try to rearrange. Tesla’s patron would be thinking of a small revolution in Twitter chat (DMs, direct messages), introducing voice messages, video chats and even end-to-end encryption.

The Verge reports that during a recent meeting with Twitter staff (or what’s left of it) Musk drew guidelines for the future of Twitter and its messaging system.

The priority, for the CEO of Tesla, would be the private chat security. Musk said he has already partnered with Moxie Marlinspikecreator of the messaging app Signalto introduce the crittografia end-to-end even in Twitter DMs.

Encrypted messages are now almost standard in chat applications, being used by WhatsApp and Telegram. Encryption prevents any third party, including the platform, from reading private messages between two users. Signal is one of the first apps to implement end-to-end encryption.

Twitter 2.0: DMs will have voice, video and encryption messages

Beyond security, Musk finds Twitter DMs unattractive. Indeed, the chats on the platform are quite static, although they allow the sending of GIFs and multimedia content. However, there is no support for voice messages and it is not possible to start video chats. Two features, too, that have become quite standard on social platforms.

During the meeting – again according to The Verge – Musk would have expressed the will to also introduce voice and video messages in Twitter DMs. Will it be enough to recover the lost users?

Meanwhile also the king of comics Milo Manara made a small criticism of Elon Musk, guilty of having used one of his illustrations without permission. Manara’s words were: “I wish Elon Musk was forced to tweet a thousand times: ‘I will never use Milo Manara’s drawings again without permission. I will never use Milo Manara’s drawings again without permission. I will never use again…’ How about I sue him, asking him $44Bn in compensation? So I could buy Twitter back and hand it over to someone else!”

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