ElonJet is back on Twitter with a new account, how will Elon Musk react?

ElonJet è di nuovo su Twitter con un nuovo account, come reagirà Elon Musk? thumbnail

The prize for the most persistent Twitter user of 2022 certainly goes to the young man Jack Sweeneyowner of the account ElonJet, which via a bot revealed the exact location of Elon Musk’s private jet on Twitter. The account was a real thorn in the side of Twitter’s new owner, who had initially managed to get rid of the profile by introducing new anti-doxxing policies.

But now, a week after his ban, Sweeney has created a new account called @ElonJetNexDay. The new profile continues to track the billionaire’s plane, but with a delay of about 24 hours. I wonder if Elon knows.

ElonJet vs Elon Mask: the ring is that of Twitter

It all started two years ago, when Elon Musk didn’t own Twitter yet. The then 20-year-old Jack Sweeney had created a Twitter profile which, using public flight data, he was able to map the movements of Elon Musk’s private jet, revealing them on Twitter. In January of this year, the Tesla CEO offered Sweeney $5,000 in exchange for closing the account. “It’s a security risk,” Musk reportedly wrote privately to Sweeney. “I don’t like the idea of ​​being the target of some madman.” Jack Sweeney had jokingly (or maybe not) relaunched: “I’ll eliminate it in exchange for $ 50.00 or a Tesla Model 3”. At that point Elon Musk ended the conversation.

However, the billionaire’s revenge came soon. After taking over Twitter in late October, Musk introduced new anti-doxxing policies, banning anyone sharing private information about other users, including @ElonJet. Jack Sweeney though, as mentioned, is a persistent guy. In fact, a new profile called has been online for a few hours now @ElonJetNextDay.

Meanwhile, despite the ban, @ElonJet profiles on other social networks have skyrocketed. On Mastodon, for example, the profile has exceeded 67,000 followers. We’ll see what Elon Musk’s next countermove will be.

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