Emma launches a new Premium mattress: Emma Hybrid

Emma lancia un nuovo materasso Premium: Emma Hybrid thumbnail

Emma – The Sleep Company, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in the production of sleep systems, launched its latest product in Italy on 27 September: Emma Hybrid, the innovative mattress that combines the best of both worlds – springs and memory foam – to offer high comfort and ideal support with reduced movement transfer. Its unique combination of high quality foams and springs allows it to offer a superior sleep experience with long lasting optimal performance, as confirmed by Emma’s 10 year warranty.

Emma Hybrid: the characteristics of the mattress

Composed of 7 support zones, i.e. with springs of different hardness depending on the areas of greatest pressure on the body (head, shoulders and hips), Emma Hybrid adapts perfectly to the features of the body and guarantees optimal support, whatever the position. of rest adopted and despite the changes in position during sleep, thus promoting deep relaxation and quality rest.

Opt for un hybrid mattress brings a number of benefits, including greater movement isolation, optimized lateral support, which results in greater stability as well as feeling of freshness, to say goodbye to uncomfortable awakenings and disturbed sleep, guaranteeing a high quality rest.

The top layer of Airgocell foam combined with pocket springs and a thermo-regulating coating, offers high breathability, creating a continuous flow of air that allows excess heat and moisture to dissipate, to ensure a peaceful, cool and dry sleep.

In particular, Emma Hybrid consists of five layers (four of foam and one of springs): a first layer of 2 cm Airgocell foam, an optimal open cell foam to promote air circulation, being able to stimulate heat dissipation and prevent the accumulation of moisture. The properties of this new material are comparable to those of a gel, in fact it adapts to the person’s morphology and relieves pressure in the most stressed areas during the day, such as the shoulders and hips.

An intermediate layer, always 2 cm, in memory foam perfectly distributes the pressure of the long body the whole mattress, adapting to every curve of the body whatever the morphology and the personal sleeping position, to offer an exceptional quality of rest, reducing the transfer of movement.

A third layer is made of HRX support foam (2 cm) and has an ergonomic cut that gives greater stability by relieving pressure on the pelvis, shoulders and neck. In addition, this layer also helps prevent the mattress from sagging, thus optimizing its durability. The heart of the mattress is composed of a layer of AeroFlex pocket springs which provide excellent cushioning in all sleeping positions, as well as excellent ventilation, restoring a feeling of freshness. This guarantees the perfect sleeping climate for a healthy and comfortable rest. A final layer of 7-zone HRX foam support (6 cm) and finally a breathable and elastic cover that covers the mattress.