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End of January with a bang with the extraction of J3STER. Up for grabs 2 Secret Labs

A late January marked by “fire and flames” with J3STER. A draw has been organized in which 2 Secret Lab gaming chairs can be won. Let’s find out how to win them together

J3STER (here to visit the site) will team up with HeartKween to celebrate another successful year of streaming with its communityto. During this stream, J3STER will face challenges. Two really interesting things to note:

  • For each challenge completed, J3STER will give away a subscription to its community;
  • Each challenge you submit will enter you into a prize draw for a Secret Lab gaming chair.

End of January with a bang with the extraction of J3STER.  Up for grabs 2 Secret Labs

Details on the J3STER end of January draw

  • Mode 1: Submit a challenge to Stallion on 1/31/23 during the challenges stream. The community has a goal of reaching 100 challenges; once reached, J3STER will spin the wheel to determine the winner. Each challenge sent to Stalli = 1 entry to the giveaway. You will thus have a 1 in 100 chance of winning the prize.
  • Mode 2: Send a challenge to any streamer on J3STER.GG. Special challenges with heartkween and Capoch . The event will end on 01/31/23.

It’s not every day that a $5 challenge can net you a $500+ gaming chair. What if you could earn a credit worth a $5 free challenge? Here’s how! Get a new user to join (referral links can be found in your account setup). Both you and the referred user will earn a new credit. Add it to your balance ($20 for 1 credit, $100 for 5 credits). J3STER has had the pleasure of working with Capoch for some time. It’s always fun to see what his community comes up with for challenges. Come see it and remember that every challenge you will send allows you to enter the Secret Lab gaming chair draw.

Are you a streamer?

J3STER.GG is free to use. Engage your chat and take advantage of many offers and a 90% participation rate.

And you? What do you think of this January draw organized by J3STER ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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