End of lockdown in Zhengzhou, iPhone factory reopens

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Since Wednesday, major Chinese cities have sanctioned the end of lockdowns for Covid: among these Zhengzhouwhere the supplier Foxconn manages his iPhone City, Apple smartphone factory. Here the company builds iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, with its 200,000 employees. Who are now back to work for the Mela.

End of lockdown in Zhengzhou, the iPhone factory restarts

After the lockdown due to the increase in cases of Covid-19, which was followed by several protests, the factories in Zhengzhou have reopened their doors. Not only that: the local authorities have reopened establishments a Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhang Yi.

Technically, the huge plant of Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, would not be part of the Zhengzhou local district. But experts say reopenings will apply here too, especially after last week’s riots.

Some commentators point out that this is excellent news especially for Apple, which currently has delays in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max deliveries. By ordering now from the site, deliveries are expected after the holiday season, too late for gifts (although some shops still have stock).

According to some analysts, the Foxconn shutdowns cost Cupertino about a billion dollars a week, which depends mostly on iPhone sales for its mammoth takings. This year, sales could remain below the 20% compared to what is foreseen by Applewith lower sales for 15-20 million iPhone Pro. Which considering the cost of around 1,000 euros, are equivalent to losses of billions.

Whether reopenings could salvage the situation remains to be seen.

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