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Endless Dungeon: new hero confirmed, let’s find out who he is

Endless Dungeonthe new title of Amplitude Studio has no plans to stop the upcoming updates and the team just introduced a new hero, Bunker. It is a nice robot obsessed with order, justice and good manners. Let’s get to know it in detail.

Endless Dungeon: confirmed a new hero

Here is what you read in the press release:

“There’s a new sheriff in town! Where by “city” we mean an abandoned, dark and threatening space station, while by sheriff a cutting-edge robot obsessed with order, justice and (above all) good manners. That’s right, folks, it’s time to meet Bunker! She is the second heroine to whom we reserve a true star welcome in the Hero Reveal video series ”.

The story of Bunker begins a long time ago, when it was conceived and built as part of an autonomous police unit tasked with tracking down criminals and illegal life forms. Though relentlessly civilized and polite, Bunker cannot stand offenders, corruption or rudeness.

Equipped with an irreproachable set of moral routines, for Bunker the famous first law of robotics was rewritten as follows: “In the course of your work you cannot damage the property of the organization or, through inaction, allow the property of the organization be damaged “. But no one in the Station seems to have any idea who owns what, so Bunker feels free to jump into action right away.

Like the other heroes, Bunker has 3 skills. And, as his name may suggest, they are perfect for the role of tank.

  • Triggering (Passive Skill) – Increases damage dealt on offense based on damage taken over a short period of time.
  • Back off (Special Ability) – Uses his shield to generate a shockwave that knocks back, stuns and damages monsters.
  • Hunker (Ultimate Ability) – Creates a dome of energy that attracts monsters while protecting it from attack for a few seconds.
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